Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

I was going to do this on
Eva Cassidy, but found a
beautiful tribute to her
done today already.
So, I decided to pick a
person near, and dear to
my heart!!

Thirteen memorable moments in
her short life, I will never forget!

1)Her birth, the feeling I felt
seeing the love in Devon's
eyes as he held her for the first

2) The love I felt, watching Devon,
with Mercedes on his knee looking
at Tenisha and baby Lulu.

3) How she felt as I held
her, minutes afer she was

4) Seeing her first smiles with
that twinkle in her eye.

5) Laying on a blanket on
the floor, holding her head
up, eye to eye with Mercedes.

6) Lulu, offering her Binky
to Grandpa Jerry, when he
got home from work.

7) The first time she held
her arms up, for me to hold

8) When she first called
me "Nana", then yelled it,
because I didn't feed her
fast enough.

9)How she raced around,
after Sportz, crawling
as fast as she could.

10) How she lays her head
on Sportz' neck and hugs

11) How she dances, when
I sing her my Lulu song.

12) When I whispered,
"I love you," in her ear,
she smiled and turned
to look at me...

13)The smile she greeted
me with, in the morning,
after her first sleep
over with us.

To be continued...

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