Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Hutch Party...
and we're not talking
rabbit hutches!

I love having a hutch
or two or three...

Mine went through a
wee transformation
a few months ago

It went from this,

~My beloved Pyrex collection~

~two things were going on here, I started sanding off the fruit motif
and my McGiver was working on the ceiling to hang our
new chandelier~

to this!

~loving my sweet hutch all white~

Holding my new dishes,
what a find they were at
my fave thrift store!

~This is how my hutch looks today~

~love decorating it each holiday~


~this is my favorite little corner cupboard~

It use to live in the living room
holding part of my
Hull vase

It looks adorable
holding my white dishes!

~This sweet hutch is in our living room~

This was just after my McGiver started
sanding it before he painted it
all white!

~I looove it all white~

It took my other little corner cupboards
job of holding part of my
Hull vase collection.

This little cupboard holds
the rest of my
Hull vase

When I found it, it had been stained
almost black,
it didn't have glass in the doors
and it had ugly gold veined
mirrors glued all over in
back of each shelve.

I have another corner
cupboard and a Hoosier
we're restoring...

can a girl have too
many hutches really?

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a Party!

Sorry I'm late!

I raced in
for Marty's cloche party!
So please meander through ( A Stroll Thru Life),
and enjoy
my small cloche, highlighting
a few
vintage Halloween treats!

~vintage candles and plastic candy holder~


~vintage die cut Halloween decor~

Thank YOU Marty,
I don't think
I would have dug into
my Halloween decorations
if not for your 'cloche party'!

~My Mom made this delightful witch around 25 years ago~

What fun this has been
digging through my
Halloween box finding
these old friends!

~can you imagine the cob webs this guy could spin~


~completely batty~


~adorable vintage paper plates~

~I so love these old candy holders~

~this die cut cat is one of my faves~

This is just a tiny bit of my Halloween collection.
I'm feeling a bit inspired,
I may dig into my box
of Halloween treats

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer Is All But A Sweet Memory!

Summer was...

Short & Sweet!

Seriously we of the Pacific NW, 
had more than our
fair share
 of Days on end
heavy rain
and WELL


Temperatures were
down right chilly
many a day.

But finally,
Summer arrived &
I cherished each and every 
sunny day!

Here are a few things
I enjoyed on
sunny days around
humble little cottage!

~love them old boots~

~I've never met a frog I didn't like~

or is that a Prince?!!!

that's a different story
(I'll talk about that another time)!

~Silly I know, but I looove my tree friends~

~Down right Goofy at times~

~I looove the shade they provide and all the wonderful
shapes and shadows they share with us~


~my sweet little picket fence~

~beautiful white clematis~

~summer mornings you'll find me here
enjoying coffee~

~don't forget to dance as if there is no tomorrow~

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Leaves are Turning, School Bells & Hot Spiced Cider

Hello there~

There's a chill in the air and I've noticed
a few maple leaves have fallen...

But nothing means Fall to me like
School starting!

My days of getting a child off to
school are long gone.
 (My son's been out of school for years).
But a couple of our Grandchildren are
returning to class, and this year we have a
beautiful, bright eyed 5 year old
very excited to be 

Can you remember that big day?
No, not when your own children
started school. But when YOU
took that first step into that
 Those exciting, scary, bigger
than life steps, into that HUGE building
for the very first time?!!!

I remember my kindergarten
teacher, she was actually the same
teacher my mom had when she
started school!!! Wow, (I don't
think that happens very often)!
Her name was Alta Crook...
Miss Crook to us, and she
was a sweet Grandmotherly
women with BRIGHT red
 Her classroom was
She read us such wonderful books.
 She even had a playhouse!!!
Our imaginations were
filled with such wonderment!

I have very fond memories
of my first teacher and her
wonderful classroom!

With all these memories and more
 tucked close to my heart,
I'll start my school year tomorrow!
Remembering that Middle School
is BIG, a bit scary, and a whole new
exciting world to our young little
6th. graders, and I hope as they look
back on these years, they'll also have
some fond memories that they can
tuck next to their hearts!

~Our Chesapeake Sportz~

I looove this Fall picture of our faithful friend Sportz

What's your fave Fall drink?
(Oh, I know it's hot cocoa, but besides that)!

I'm not much of a drinker, other than a nice glass
of wine now and then, but my
McGiver introduced me to
a hot toddy that is very yummy
for those cold Fall nights, (especially when
I accompany him on hunting trips)!

It might be called:
Hot Apple Pie?!

In a large mug add:
1 pkg. hot spice cider mix
pour in boiling water
add a shot of
Cinnamon Schnapps
stir with a cinnamon stick

(...for God's sake Don't Drive)!!!

Have a  wonderful Labor Day!

Always, Debbie~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Sweet Find!

I found this sweet little vintage candle holder
at a garage sale a few weeks ago,
isn't it darling?

~so sweet~

~such detail~

To make it even better...


~twice as sweet~


Simply adorable!

Sadly they don't fit where I had planned
 for them to go,
so I'm not keeping them.

They'll be looking for a new home!

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