Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simplify...I'm trying to unclutter one room at a time~

I'm working on my sewing room, computer room,
craft room, dressing room ie. junque room!!!
What an ordeal, I have everything from my
shelves all over the dining room table, and
spread out all over the living room!
I'm finding out I have a little trait of mom's
and find it hard to get rid of favorite books!
I only recently was able to give up
some of mom's favorites, all but her very
favorite written by ERVING PETITE, and I'll
keep it for whomever wants to read it, I'll
let Mercedes read it and I'll read it to
Lulu in a couple of years, or whenever she'll
sit long enough for me to read it!!!
Sorry, I'm easily side tracked!
I'm feeling very overwhelmed by this mess,
but I'm sure when it's done I'll feel so
much better, plus I'm so tired of the dining
room table crowded with my projects.
Jerry found a great drafting table for me
at Jen's garage sale Sat. He measured and
thought it would be perfect for my projects
from cutting fabric to drawing/painting &
scrapping. Then there was the problem of my
"stairway to heaven", it's an old
plant stand I believe, I bought it for "my
consignment shop", (okay, for all of you going
HUH, that's my dream, for retirement...anyhoo,
I saw this HUGE thing and thought it
would be perfect for the princess little girl
corner of my shop, I can so plainly see!!! Okay,
so now the stairway to heaven belongs to Elfie...
Jerry has found a bigger platform for the
top and this HUGE stairway will fit behind
the TV.(Where Devon & Tenisha's couch was)
and also, that is where the Elf loves to
nap or hide-a-way! So, the stairway will
still be a princess prop after all!!!
I sure wish I would've taken a pic of all
this before I started, and then again when
I get done...but, for now it's a HUGE mess!
I've gone to Pier 1 and been buying storage
baskets, they're going on my book shelves
and hopefully they'll hold my art supplies
that have been all over(in bags,boxes,piled
high everywhere), we're thinking of moving
the computer out of this room. I love the
idea of having the extra space for my work-
room, but hate the idea of having the
computer in the living room...we'll wait
and see on that one. Okay, enough of my
junque and hording problems...

Lulu is sick today and I'm going in to
watch her, I may bring her back here,
the family room is uncluttered,her toys
are all in there too! Jerry and I are
thinking our little Lulu may have
alergies, she gets sick a lot and we've
all had symptoms of alergies, poor

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