Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The End....of a quiet weekend

We started the weekend with a yummy dinner for Valentines Day. Afterwards, we stopped by one of my fave places "VV's",and found a mini adirondack chair for Lulu. It'll look adorable next to ours in the yard next summer.

Jerry caught the crud, so the rest of the weekend's been pretty quiet. I did get away for awhile and got some scrapbook items and quincidently, JoAnns is just a couple of doors down from yep, "VV's", and it just happened to be their big 50% off sale today!!! I scored, and got both granddaughters a couple of outfits, plus a cute pair of baby girl Nikes!!!

But sadly when I got home, I found a note on the
door.I'd missed a visit from an old student of
mine.He and his grandmother had come to surprise
me. He'd always been a special part of my day the
last two years,in fact, I could call him my
second period date!!! I helped in his P.E.class
and he soon became my "Bud",and now that he's in
High School his grandmother makes sure we stay in touch.

And the best part of the weekend, was Jerry's
sis Pat, stopping by on her way back to the
island. She'd made the most gorgeous lifelike
picture of Elfie for me. I'm not sure what
the technique's called, but she puts the wool
in the area she wants it, and pokes it through
with a long pin(needle). While looking at a photo,
she was able to copy the Elf's essence with all
her colors, down to our girls misshapen ears...
She also set it into a fantastic shadow box, framed
to match my cottage stuff. I love, love, love it!!!
I'll ask Pat what the technique's called.

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