Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fresh Eggs Are So Neighborly!

I looove having chickens, but I haven't had
any for years now. I love watching and listening
to them cluck and busy themselves about their
coop! It's somewhat of a wholesome feeling
having them around...Nothing more satisfying
than checking a hen's nest and finding their
sweet present of an egg waiting for you!!!

I've missed this.

...and then Friday when I got 
home from work, a neighbor was over
visiting with McGiver and pretty soon
his wife came over with a dozen 
beautiful eggs, from their hens!
I opened up the carton
~the dark brown ones are speckled~

~simply beautiful~

She asked if we'd ever had duck eggs before...
We hadn't,
so she went home and
brought us this guy...


~hard to tell here how big it is~

~it's huge~

~isn't it fantastic~

~they're so perfect they almost look fake~


~anyone hungry for an omelet~

I've had this adorable little egg basket for
awhile now, and hadn't
quite been able
to pull out
the ole

However for these eggs,
it was a different

Don't you agree?!

She has green eggs too,
she told me when I
return the carton
she'll fill it up

How fun!

I may invite you
over for some


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Monster Mash at the Ballet!

I wanted to make the girls I work
with something for Halloween,
and this is what
I came up with.

~What do  you think~

~Simply dressed in a pink tutu~

~if I'd had more time they'd be wearing a little tiara~

    They were quick, easy
     and the kiddos loved em'!

I gave all the boys

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Starry Eyed Inspiration!

Here are a few inspiration pictures of
a beautiful dining room,
and more...
I looove the colors of
the roses!

image by Bountiful

Chippy table
   Mixed matched chairs,
Looove it!

image by Bountiful

image by Bountiful

This looks like it could be on a deck,
loving the rusty chair/sign!

image by Bountiful

Beautiful chair, loving the little
side table, and Lacey curtain panels!

image by Bountiful

I wonder if you can guess who's
gorgeous home these came
out of???

Scroll below to find out!

These pictures below are all
from the Emmy's,
I love the detail!

 Everything is on such a
grand scale, but doesn't
it just scream Cottage Lovin'
to ya??? 
image by Bountiful

Love the chippy base to these flowers!

image by Bountiful

Isn't this to die for?!!

image by Bountiful

~Beautiful entry~

...The Red Carpet...

image by Bountiful

~Different angle~

image by Bountiful

Would just looove one please!

image by Bountiful


image by Bountiful

~Can you imagine the sparkle~

image by Bountiful

~love those baubles~

image by Bountiful

~Simply beautiful~

image by Bountiful

~Silvery Beauty~

Wouldn't it be fun to just be able to
go though and peek at all the
pretties after it was
all set up?!!


The dining room, living room 
and patio
(with the rusty chair/sign)
Pamela Anderson!!!

I've seen other pictures
 of some
of her gorgeous
Cottage furniture
and they were all

All images from
found in their

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridal Shower Place Cards!

A co-worker of mine is getting married,
and all of us gals at work are soooo
excited for her!

She lost her husband
a few years ago and we've all been
secretly hoping she'd meet someone,
 fall in love and live 
ever after! 

Well it happened, and we couldn't
be happier for her!

They're going on a cruise for their
(during our Winter Christmas Vacation)...
and she just told us they're getting
married November 12th.!!!
So us girls want to send her off on
her honeymoon with some sexy lingerie 
cute girlie jamies!!!

I'm going to have a personal shower for
her the week before they get married!!!

How fun is that!?!

I've been working on the place cards,
Let me show you what I have so far!
A little glitter 
and their names
& they're done!

Cute shape and the price was right
from the Dollar Tree!

~add a few bubbles~

 ~some mints~

~Perfect little gift hidden away~

~close it up~

Now the fun begins!

~add a little veil to the back~

~a little embossed wallpaper, ribbon & beads
to the front~

~adorable little place cards~

~Oh and of course, every princess needs a crown~

~Sweet 'Heart' measuring spoons~

I found these adorable measuring spoons online
and ordered one for all the 
'Bridal Party Participants'
as party favors.

This is where I need your help
Blogger friends!

Should I make party bags
and add more gifty's
and if so,
any fabulous idea's
on what I could add?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Vintage Look Halloween Drawings!

I realized today that I haven't taken any new
pictures in awhile...We spent last weekend
on San Juan Island, one of the most beautiful places
on earth... and sadly the camera stayed in
the car all weekend...

There were animals all around us, the beauty
of the island itself and still not one picture...

I think what happened, it had been so
long since we had been there, we were just
engrossed in spending time with Pat & David!
McGiver did get out quite a bit taking long 
walks with Sportz our dog.

So believe me when I say, all the raccoon babies
were adorable...peering in through the back door.
Or marauding through the garden when they saw
David giving apples to all the deer. The beautiful
fox that was almost a chocolate color with a puffy
white tipped tail...curled up waiting for a meal from
his human host! How the red fox would lay curled
up on the picnic table knowing it was just the right
spot to have the warm sun beam find her...

The island is full of beauty,
where ever you look! 
family friendships...


I found these while scouring
my files looking for something
to share with you...
I drew them last year.
They were for cards I'd hoped to make...
Other than  having my jewelry business name on them,
 they're perfect for today!

~Scary button teeth~

~pumpkin boy~

I'm was just playing around and really have
a lot to learn, but it sure was fun!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beach Living Inspiration at it's Best!

Hi there, sorry I've been missing in action lately!
Getting back in the work mode has proved to
be a little tough and then, right on schedule I
caught a cold from my little guys...ECK!


I thought I'd bring you some
beautiful inspiration from a home of
a person you may know from TV land
(or the movies...)

I love when I stumble
upon a beautiful home of a star and
realize that we're not at all

Here are some pictures of
Whoopi Goldberg's

image by Bountiful

~loving the curves of this piece~

image by Bountiful

~love the reds and notice the fresh flowers~

image by Bountiful

~gorgeous vanity & sink~

image by Bountiful

~more fresh flowers~

image by Bountiful

~adorable vintage pitcher & glass set~

image by Bountiful

~what a setting, loving the vintage tablecloth~

image by Bountiful

~OMG...can you just imagine ?~

image by Bountiful

~love everything about this room~

image by Bountiful

~beautiful dining room~

fresh flowers

image by Bountiful

~loving Whoopi's kitchen island~

 image by Bountiful

~Peaceful deck~

I hope you've enjoyed these
beautiful inspiration
'all' are from
Bountiful scrapbook!
Visit they
have a wonderful
online store!

Thanks so much for stopping

Always, Debbie~