Thursday, October 30, 2008

RainTree clad, to trudge in the rain-n-tree's

We're leaving after work tomorrow for
a four day adventure in the Northwest
forests(not trek), hunting the sometime
very elusive 'ELK', (I even got a couger
license, just in case I find myself being
stalked by one). Hey, it's not that far

I love this time of year, the trees are
so beautiful and the autumn aroma's are
on my list of one of my fave natural

But to be honest, I do not like to be
out in the forest with torrents of rain.
I can handle a heavy rain, as long as it
ends with the warmth of the sun drying
everything off...but it's not going
to be happening this time...
I dout we'll even see the sun this
weekend, I know this trip is going to
be a NeVeR enDiNg RaInY SoGgy dRiPPinG
PuDDlinG DaMp DaNk RuNnY HuNt~

The forest is so LoUd when it's
raining, it seems to me that the
forest is screaming. It's as if,it's
drIpPinG on dRuMs, juMpInG oN A
TrAmPoLine, aNd PoLe VauLTiNG
OvEr tHe tReE tOpS...

My plan is to stay dry, enjoy
my time in the forest, take lots
of pictures, and hopefully see
animals. I just pray I don't have
any fearful up close and personal
meetings with any that ScArE mE!
I also hope that we luck out and
bring home an elk to fill our

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I sold my mink stole on Ebay

I sold my vintage very cool mink on ebay.
I listed it about the time the bottom
fell out of everything, but I was okay with
the price, not overjoyed, but okay...
You never know how your auction will go,
and it's all a gamble, isn't it?
As it turns out, it has found a GREAT
NEW HOME, (I think it'll be resold), but
for now, I'm sitting here with a big ole
smile!!! I thought I'd share the note
I recieved from minky's new owner. I'd
sent her an email inquiring whether
or not she'd received it yet...

Here's her reply.......................
hello, yes i received the wrap. i put it on as soon as i got it! i was so happy to wear it i went grocery shopping. with nothing else on but the wrap. well that didnt go over well. someone called the police on me and filed a complaint citing cruel and unusual punishment. "no one should be exposed to bre--sts that look that bad". one of the arresting officers quit his job on the spot, and told me the last time he saw wrinkles like mine he was looking at a road map! hopefully the other officer will recover from the temporary blindness he suffered from seeing me naked. the grocery store owner decided not to press charges, and he was crying when he said me having to live with all of these wrinkles, and excess fat around my thighs is punshment enough and he gave me a symphathy card! so yes i got the wrap, but could you please reimburse me for the bail money i spent to get out of jail? lol lol lol. sincerely crystal

I laughed so hard and enjoyed her reply so much,
that it was well worth selling my minky to her
for the price I got, because as you can see, I
got so much more!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My EcoEtsy team is auctioning off a wonderful gift basket!

My Etsy team is having an auction!!! There were 60 of
us who donated to the basket that we're auctioning off!
Our team is "Ecoetsy", a like minded group of
people who are working together to reduce our carbon
Here's the link to all the info about the auction!

We all had idea's of where we wanted our money to go,
but in the end we decided to go with Check it out!!!
We're very excited about this and hope you take a minute
to check out what we're doing, and if you want to have some
fun, by all means go bid on our "Basket of Eco Goodies"!
You never know, you just may be high bidder and recieve
this awesome basket, (what a wonderful way to do your
Christmas gift buying!) You'd have a bunch of eco gifts
to give and your money would be going to a wonderful

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Renaming old Blog~

Renaming a blog is not an easy thing to do!!! Starting from
scratch might have been easier...But for now, I'm going to
see if I can pull this off!!!
What I'm trying to do is rename my old ecologicallyworn blog
BaublesButtonsBeads, and it may not be possible...I'm not
ready to give up yet! Here's the link...see if this works! save it, if it links
up for you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Etsy Shop Name~

Some of you were saying my etsy name didn't seem
right for a jewelry shop, so I changed it to:
BeJeweled with Baubles, Buttons & Beads...
I even checked to make sure the is available...
and sure enough it is... well, I forgot Etsy sometimes
has other new name was quite a bit too
large for Etsy...guess you could say, too big for it's
britches!...So, to find me on Etsy just type in:
Drum Role please!!! BaublesButtonsBeads, thats it
in a nut shell, no flashy nuttin', but, I do think it's
got a little something to it!!! I still have to get
my %)*~#@% banner up, I made one
I really like, but for some reason, it won't load...
something wrong somewhere!

I'm still keeping, I have
an idea for it too! But for now, you'll find me working
on my jewelry and listing it in my brand spanking 'NEW'
" BaublesButtonsBeads" Shop!!! Until next time...Peace~

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

thursday thirteen # 10 'Thirteen of the new items I have in my Etsy Shop!' (and more)

Visit my Etsy Shop at

1. This set is beautiful with it's Czech faceted glass, Swarovski
crystals, baubles and lockets ... and adorable matching

2. These Czech and Swarovski earrings dance with light!!!

3. These little fleur earrings are so sweet!
4. These earrings are bedazzled and full of charm!
5. These are so sweet, with little impish fairies and pearls!!!

6. My love of birds, shows on quite a bit of my jewelry!

7. These are just like the first pair of earrings I made
and gave to a friend, they remind me of honey!!!

8. These vintage buttons earrings are one of my faves,
(they remind me of white walled tires!)

9. This necklace is made with all natural stones and antiqued
brass, soaring with natural beauty!10. I call this my 'Autumn Bracelet', it's made with a vintage
chain & leaves, amoungst the baubles and beads!
11. This beauty is made up of vintage finds, I've written a
short love story about it in my Etsy shop!

12. This is so much fun, lots of baubles & beads added to a
vintage brass bracelet!

13. These are reserved for Maya, (Lisa ordered them for her
niece's B'day!)