Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lulu came to play~

Lulu has had the flu, she's not quite herself yet,
but cheerful never the less! She seems to enjoy
her time with us. she checks out everything she
knows to be her stuff. Then moves on trying to
open (kid proofed),cupboards. I love her spirit!!!
Lulu has a very adorable personality, very

She loves Sportz, and he her. He licks her and
she hugs him, and trys to avoid his big wagging
tail. She loves feeding him his dog bisquits,
as well as whatever she's having. She now drops
food off her highchair (after) she says, "Ouh Oh",
true puppylove!!!

I'm reading "A NEW EARTH", By Eckhert Tolle. I
signed up for the class he and Oprah are doing
together. I'm only half way through and have found
it very interesting. I find myself going back and
re-reading parts over and over. I have a lot of
questions, it's very thought provoking...
After the first chapter, I did the workbook,
(six questions) . Some of the questions I've had,
have been answered in the following chapters. I'm
looking forward to Monday evening~

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