Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Welcome Home!

Just had to share this adorable picture of Audrey
blowing out all her candles on her
Princess birthday cake!

They'd just arrived the night before ending their
looong journey from NC.
We thought it would be
the perfect time for a CeLeBrAtIoN!
Audrey's birthday was only a week away,
making it even more of a reason to PARTY!

 We're sooo happy they're
finally here! You can just imagine
how excited this Nana & Grandpa are!!! 

~5 years old~

Looove this!

Thanks for letting me share
our three youngest Grand kiddos
with you...(or at least until the new one arrives)!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vintage Trailer Envy

Have I told you that I've been
looking for a small trailer?
I've been looking for awhile.

My trailer wish list:

  • vintage 

  • between 10-16 ft.

  • really good shape,

  • bathroom's optional,

  • room  for a porta potty's a MUST!

 Honestly, I'd be okay with some water stains,
but not water damage ie. dry rot. Am I asking
for too much? Okay, maybe not you say,
 Oh and I want it for a SONG too! I asking too much now?

Do you know how many girls are
looking for the same thing? Oh lots & lots!

I want mine for multiple uses...I'd love to be able
to travel to some of the awesome antique venue's
around our state and maybe a little farther.
Have you heard of 'Sisters On The Fly'?
Yes, I'm a SOTF wanna be! I'm going
to go ahead and join even without my
sweet little canned ham!

Funny thing is, we bought a cute little 16 ft.
trailer fully self contained a couple of weeks ago.
Although it's not new and is quite a few years
old, it isn't the little vintage trailer of my dreams!
It's wonderful though and I'm having fun
decorating it a little.
You see, it really is my McGiver's
'hunting cabin' his MAN CAVE ya might say.
It'll be ever so much fun to go camping in too!
I've put some of his hunting stuff in it and have
plans to make some new curtains too. Antler
handles for all the cupboard doors & drawers
have been ordered! It will be such a fun little
cabin on wheels for us!

Fast forward to yesterday...

I went to Cabela's yesterday to meet up
with a friend, who just
happened to join SOTF a few weeks
ago, they were invited by Cabela's to
bring their trailers to the NEW STORE
in Lacey WA. for an all weekend camp out!
They arranged all the girls trailers in somewhat of
a circle off one side of the main entrance with
all the girls chairs circled around a cute fire pit area!
 'The Sisters' enjoyed showing off their
trailers and it was a treat
for everyone,
of all ages!
I had sooo much fun visiting with them
and hope to be included in Cabela's
camp out next summer!
Here are a few pictures of
some of their beautiful trailers
and I have to say, my friend Pattie
16 Ft. Rod & Reel trailer
you'd ever want to see
decorated to the nines!
I'll show you hers on another post!

Love this yellow color and design!
Beautiful upholstery and fabulous decor!
and this one, I love the little drop leaf table!
...and this one painted, how sweet!
Love the curtains in this vintage sweetie!
Cowhide for this cowgirl!
Denim shirt curtains, so darn cute!
Oh, they don't just decorate the inside...Heck NO!
Yes, she does drive a Harley...I believe she was
wearing those boots yesterday too!
A lot of Cowgirls at this event!
The Queen was even there!
What a fun group of gals!
I can hardly wait!
Do you have the same idea?
You know I looove all of your
comments, I'll be waiting to
hear from YOU!
Always, Debbie~

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage* Repurposed* Wearable Art!

Don't you just looove

I've been collecting vintage 
baubles,buttons & beads
and awhile back,
I started repurposing them,
making some 

You've probably noticed one
of my bracelets on my sidebar for sale.
Here are a few other goodies to enjoy!

I so hope you enjoyed seeing some of my
Baubles, Buttons & Beads,
this is what I so enjoy
to while away the hours
when I'm not here with YOU!

I also make fun solder items and
have something new coming soon!!!

You'll be the first to see...

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What, No Cupcakes?

Always something...
We need a new kitchen stove, ours is very old
and the oven finally gave out...
We live in an older home,
(no, not a beautiful older home)
a small, late 60's model rambler,
not a cute 50's style cottage!

Here's the 1st. dilemma

It has the drop in range style
(so popular back then),
and it looks to me
that our opening is just a smig
too small
for a


drop-ins are two to three times
more expensive...
there's less stove???
Without a total revamp of our
cupboards, for just half an inch...
(Who says SIZE doesn't matter)?
I may be stuck with the exuberant
price, just because of the
Then the added problem
of having regular old fashioned
burners (no gas here),
if I order a pretty stainless steel stove
it comes with either a white or black
enamel top, are you kidding ugly!
Most stoves come with glass tops,
Dilemma #2
I've cooked with the old iron pans
all of my life, is it time to give them
to my favorite thrift store and
get new pans?
The glass top range looks
nicer than the ugly black or white
enamel that comes with the
plain coil burner stoves...

What to do, What to do???

I can't even find a good picture to share
with you, none with the ugly white enamel
top and this one makes it look like the black
enamel fits in, but in real life I haven't found
one with all the black to make it look like it
For one thing, I'd never have the
burner controls on the front, we have
too many little grand kiddos that
would find them way too much fun.
The other thing,
I haven't found a stove
like this picture, with all the black edging,
 which really does tie the
black enamel top in better...

Glass top ranges really do look nicer
than the enamel top coil burner stoves!

Thanks for letting me vent!

Always, Debbie~

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pantry Door Reveal!

Remember this door?

~very ho hum & boring~

It takes up such a large portion of our small dining
room, that I've been trying to come up with ways to
make it an asset, instead of such an eyesore. 

Here are a couple of my ideas:

The first idea was using one side of the sweet
french doors I've had tucked away for quite awhile
for the perfect place, but it was too big and just
wouldn't work. 

The second idea came after I found
the most beautiful vintage screen door at the swap
meet, but again, WAY to big...

Finally, #3 and the solution!
(Isn't the third try usually a charm)?


~Yes, it's our pantry~

~plain jane flat hollow door~


~ I pulled out my paintbrushes~

...and the chalkboard paint!

~Now it's becoming a 3 panel door~

~a little damp, but you get the idea~

~ Our new and improved door~

Loving our new chalkboard door,
it's wonderful for grocery lists
as well as a fabulous
menu board!


The grandkiddos thought it was
so much fun!

It's something you might want
to think about if you have
a troublesome area
and a little chalkboard
paint nearby!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Barn Chicks

I've joined in with Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors 
for her Barn Party! I'm sure each and every one of the participants
is either a 'Barn Chick' or one at heart!

I'm sharing pictures of barns that have somehow
been a part of my life or
have touched my
in some way!

~I first set eyes on this barn when I was 9 years old~

~same barn~
I was totally horse CrAzY!
I came here to look at my first horse...
(He really was a Shetland, Welsh mix),
Here's the thing about my first horse (okay pony),
this should be a
to anyone out there
thinking of buying their
child a horse or pony...
he was a beautiful boy
palomino colored 
(Yeah, that was another
issue sad story), he'd buck
me off, rear up and hit me
in the head, try his darnedest
to rub me off on the porch rail
or anywhere else he could...
I so badly wanted to love him
even though he seemed to hate me.
the day I got my (real) horse,
then he'd whinny at me and run the fence
trying to get my attention when I was leaving
on my horse. That's when I first realized
he'd changed his mind and wanted to
be my friend, but sadly I'd moved on...

~Jennings Park Barn~

I first came to this barn a little later, when my
4-H club
'Renegade Riders'
came to clean it out as a club project.
It was still a smelly old barn and we
cleaned it out and were able to
have a big Halloween party there
as payment, it was so much
Today the whole farm is utilized as
a park with many things to do for
all ages, I take my grandchildren
there to play!

# 3

This barn came into my life when I was in Jr. High,
I met Kathy at school, she'd just got
a horse and was renting a pasture and Barn
yep, this is it, but it was old and white
back then!
I have to say this barn is very close to
the school I work at. I've always
daydreamed about buying it and
living there, it has a creek that
runs below the knoll behind it!
It's being taken care of and almost
looks like it could be used as an
artist studio or something?!


This beautiful barn is on our route to the river where we
take our dog to swim and I hunt for heart rocks
for my collection!
I've always admired it and now after meeting Mary
the owner, (who has a business in the milk house,
to the left), I'm happy to know it's truly loved!
This next picture is on her property as well, it
must house a tractor!

~worth an honorable mention~
Looove those barn doors!


This grand barn is truly beautiful, I'm not sure if it's
but it's used for weddings or whatever you'd
like to rent it for!
It's just across the freeway from the
river road barn
the white fencing is beautiful
and holds the most gorgeous
draft horses I've ever

~Beautiful Farm Boys~

~This windmill was out in the middle of the horse pasture~



 my little garden 'barn' shed!


I hope you've enjoyed the barns that have
in some way

Please go visit all the other
'Barn Chicks'
and see their beautiful barns!

Always a Barn Chick,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet Cherubs

I found these two little imps this week at my
favorite thrift store.
I think they may have came out of the same home.
The cherub holding up the small bowl
says England on the bottom. They're
so darling and when I cleaned them up,
they just sparkle with sweetness!

~so sweet~

~precious wings~

~looove this~

~such detail~

~sweet pair~

How fun it was to find these

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Always, Debbie~