Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here I go again~

I joined in at work for another
"BIGGEST LOSER EVENT", however, the
stakes are a bit higher this time!
We all put in $25 and it's up to
$675, so whomever wins, will truly
have enough for a new wardrobe, if
they want. Of course, I believe I
will be the "Biggest Loser". We
started Monday the 14th., and will
do our final weigh in the first
day back to school, Sept. 2nd.
This time we had to weigh in
with a fellow "Biggest Loser",
so my boss and I were witness'
for each other. UGH! Also,making
it more viable for others, with
less weight to lose (unlike yours
truly), they're going to divide the
poundage we lose, by our weight to
see who wins, I love the challenge
(so far), of course it's only day
three. Oh, and I bought a fancy
scale that can do everything but
the dishes. (Karen, I'm keeping the
gorgeous antique scale you gave me
for my birthday), when I get to my
goal (have no idea what that'll
be), I'll use it again.
For you skinny minnies,when you're
a plus + size girl, you lose a
huge amount of water the first
week or so. It may sound fabulous
when I say I lost 4lbs. the first
day and again the second day. But,
in the scope of things that's,
nuttin'. I'd been talking with my
co-workers about walking on the
track after school. I've wanted
to get back into shape and
honestly, just healthier. So, this
challenge came at the best possible
moment. So wish me luck~
and I really don't mean that
about winning the bucks, but luck in
beating my "Eating Disorder" down
to a managable win win situation
for ME...

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