Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lulu was still Contagious

1st. clue, Tuesday evening Jerry started
feeling yucky. I felt fine going to work
Wednesday, but shortly thereafter, I felt
like I might be getting Lulu's problem.
I told Lisa, I thought I was getting the
flu and by 10:30ish I knew I'd better
go home.
Arriving home, I changed into my jamies,
got a waste basket with garbage liners
ready, and crashed on the couch. A
little later, I was so glad I'd taken the
time to get ready for the inevitable. I was
going at both ends.
It's Friday now and I feel as if I've lost
a day somewhere. I'm very sore from it all,
but slowly getting better. Jerry never did
throw up or get the big "D" but still
feels yucky. All I can say is, I so feel
what Lulu must have gone through, and at her
age, it must have been sooooo much worse,
poor baby!

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