Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #4

Thursday Thirteen at Costco~

1) Why is it raining, blowing or snowing
when we decide to do a Costco run?
2) Dinner time is the best time to hit
Costco. Opps, missed that by an hour!
3) The healthy snacky handouts are never
ever given out when I'm dieting!
Today, they tried to intice me with
hot out of the oven chocolate chip
cookies! Aroma therapy 101~ OMG!!!
4) They ran out of something Jerry wanted,
and he was sure it was there, but finally
after wandering up and down every aisle, he
caved and realize, that even though only
2 weeks ago there were a bazillion of the
item, it's Costco, and they SOLD OUT.
5) I realized the dressing we always buy
is kept in the cooler...unlike our extra
four at home, sitting in the pantry, okay,
I exaggerated, only two in the pantry, one
in the fridge.
6) Not always, but quite often, we get up
to the check out, only to remember an item
we forgot that is at the back of the store.
Today, it was the frozen peas.
7) We try to keep to our list, but to no
avail, we always find something else to
8) Today, I resisted the books, that was
very hard to do...
9) We bought only ONE new item to try!
However, we are such creatures of habit,
we seldom get too far off our "Costco"
10) Do you ever go back for seconds from
a snack vendor? I do...:)
11) Even though we know whats pretty much
on each aisle, we find ourselves going up
and down each aisle, even though we know
we're not going to get something off that
particular aisle. (Just on the Food side).
12) Today we beat the crowd back to the
check outs!!! Not much of a line at each
13) Just when you think you have it all
wrapped up, the clerk says, "your membership
is due"! :)

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