Monday, June 30, 2008

A Prayer for Theresa & Allison, Mercedes and their family~

On the 26th. there was a terrible accident in
Mukilteo, and Allan Cooper, Theresa's husband
was killed in an industrial accident! Allan
was only 30 years old, He and Theresa
had only begun their life together (9Yrs.),
Please keep Theresa in your thoughts, this
is going to be a hard road...He will be missed
by his family, friends and work buddies!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #6

1. Birthdays are definetly not near as fun as they were when I was a tween/teen!
2. Fall is my favorite season because the flowers have blossomed out to their fullest, there's a chill in the air, the leaves are starting to change and its smells like F*A*L*L*!'s also hunting season!
3. I feel my best when everyone around me feels their best!!!
4.Ice cream is my favorite food!
5. First impressions are not alway right, but, they sometimes leave lasting impressions!
6.The best piece of advice I ever received was from my Mom, it was to be myself, and I just learned and it's a process... TO LIVE IN THE NOW from Eckart Tolle. (it's so true, if I don't worry about what happened in the past nor about the future...the present, in real life, right this second, "IS" wonderful~
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a movie, tomorrow my plans include finishing my work room and Sunday, a barbeque for Jerry's birthday with Devon, Tenisha & Lulu!
(Rib steak, salad & pineapple upside down cake! Yummmmm!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 3

Bye George, I'll miss ya!

My Tribute to George Carlin!

1. The first time I saw George,
I was hooked, He said, what I might
have thought, and He got away with it!
2. He could drop an "F" bomb and still
my parents watched?
3. His humor also made me think...
4. Sometimes, I wasn't sure if what he
was saying, WAS all humor!
5. We'll have a new president without
Georges point of view...
6. He was one of the two Georges in my
life that I'll miss...the other was,
George Burns!
7. Still makes me laugh thinking about
his point of view on baseball vs.
football! Okay, so I can still see that
on youtube! Not the same. :(
8. I'm all about ecology and reducing
my carbon footprint, but, George's
humor on "Saving the Planet" is one
of those that makes me think...
9. I only remember George wearing black,
same with Johnny Cash, I'm not sure I
knew why, will I ever know?
10. I take #9 back, on YouTube,
"Some people are Stupid" George's wearing
11. I didn't always agree with George's
point of view, and on those times I didn't
find his humor, humorous! But, that was
okay. He made me think!
12. Sadly growing up with George and
now with his death, makes me
realize how fast the years have gone
by, and my own mortality...
13. Good Bye George! RIP~

Shhh! It's a secret...Tomorrow's Jerry's Birthday!

I've already given him his birthday present,
it was a very cool movable duck decoy, he has
one, but this is a new super duper style!
So now I'll rack my brain trying to figure out
what to get him...(besides a rib steak & one
of his fave's, pineapple upside-down cake)!!!
Hmmm...oh, and we already went out to
Christiano's this week, what a TREAT!
I'll think of something, maybe dinner to go
at the river!!! He loves it there, mostly
because it's one of Sportz' favorite places!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~

If you visit Etsy check out my shop at:

Last Weekend~

Lulu's almost done, and Sportz' almost on her lap now!

Notice how Sporty's moving in closer!

I see you Grandpa!

Simplify...I'm trying to unclutter one room at a time~

I'm working on my sewing room, computer room,
craft room, dressing room ie. junque room!!!
What an ordeal, I have everything from my
shelves all over the dining room table, and
spread out all over the living room!
I'm finding out I have a little trait of mom's
and find it hard to get rid of favorite books!
I only recently was able to give up
some of mom's favorites, all but her very
favorite written by ERVING PETITE, and I'll
keep it for whomever wants to read it, I'll
let Mercedes read it and I'll read it to
Lulu in a couple of years, or whenever she'll
sit long enough for me to read it!!!
Sorry, I'm easily side tracked!
I'm feeling very overwhelmed by this mess,
but I'm sure when it's done I'll feel so
much better, plus I'm so tired of the dining
room table crowded with my projects.
Jerry found a great drafting table for me
at Jen's garage sale Sat. He measured and
thought it would be perfect for my projects
from cutting fabric to drawing/painting &
scrapping. Then there was the problem of my
"stairway to heaven", it's an old
plant stand I believe, I bought it for "my
consignment shop", (okay, for all of you going
HUH, that's my dream, for retirement...anyhoo,
I saw this HUGE thing and thought it
would be perfect for the princess little girl
corner of my shop, I can so plainly see!!! Okay,
so now the stairway to heaven belongs to Elfie...
Jerry has found a bigger platform for the
top and this HUGE stairway will fit behind
the TV.(Where Devon & Tenisha's couch was)
and also, that is where the Elf loves to
nap or hide-a-way! So, the stairway will
still be a princess prop after all!!!
I sure wish I would've taken a pic of all
this before I started, and then again when
I get done...but, for now it's a HUGE mess!
I've gone to Pier 1 and been buying storage
baskets, they're going on my book shelves
and hopefully they'll hold my art supplies
that have been all over(in bags,boxes,piled
high everywhere), we're thinking of moving
the computer out of this room. I love the
idea of having the extra space for my work-
room, but hate the idea of having the
computer in the living room...we'll wait
and see on that one. Okay, enough of my
junque and hording problems...

Lulu is sick today and I'm going in to
watch her, I may bring her back here,
the family room is uncluttered,her toys
are all in there too! Jerry and I are
thinking our little Lulu may have
alergies, she gets sick a lot and we've
all had symptoms of alergies, poor

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #5

1. A smile is truely contagious,and
magnetic, it so pulls me in...
2. Pictionary & Scrabble are my favorite board
3. I would love to have more space in my
bedrooms and bigger closets to simplify my
life and then there would be less clutter

4. When I think of summer Solstice,
I remember when I traveled to Stonehenge
the day before the Solstice began, and
they shut it down and roped it off, worried
they'd have problems with the Druids!

Luckily, I was there the day before!
5. I just remembered I really need to try and
finish my "TO DO" list!

6. One of my favorite song lyrics goes like this:
'Your still beside me everyday,'Cause I
know you by heart'. Eva Cassidy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking
forward to maybe seeing a movie, tomorrow my
plans include Devon and I going to pick up
Lulu's new dressers at Jenny's garage sale
and Sunday, I want to work around the house!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Family & Friends Blog Address~

I've changed the address to this blog!


The other address will be used for my
Etsy business!

Wordless Wednesday~

Last Day of School!

I can hardly wait to go bare foot and feel the
warmth from the sun on my feet, radiating from
the hot cement off my patio. I love warm summer
mornings with coffee outside, watching for dancing
dragonflies and busy wasps landing in the pond
for long drinks, birds at our feeders and Sportz
at my feet! Oh, how I love summer break!

Beautiful handblown glass~

I'm not sure about this, but, as this gorgeous
glass beckoned me over with it's shimmery
presence, I was sure it was some of Dale Chihule's

More Seattle Aquarium~

What a show off!

Our Class spent the day at the Seattle Aquarium~

This guy was spectacular!!! I only wish I
had thought to take a movie...

Wordless Wednesday~

Have 'you' listened to Eva?

I'm curious to know how many people
that read my blog, have listened
to Eva Cassidy while visiting here?
I guess you can tell I love Eva
Cassidy's voice, and how she arranged
her songs! I have a few of her songs
here from youtube? Most of you have
heard her sing 'Songbird', it was
featured in a movie a few years ago,
and became very popular on the radio.
By that time, She'd been a huge
success in Britian and still is.

If you're ever here, and have an extra couple
of minutes, play one of her songs. I know
it'll be worth every second of your time!
And, if you do listen to her, please leave me
a message telling me what you think! Thx~

Three R's

Upcycled t shirt Bag~Hand Painted~ With Eco Reminders

I guess I didn't explain very well, or not at all.
I'm doing the lettering and painting myself. Most
of the t-shirts "do" have some design or message,
but I've just used the other side (I consider
mine now to be the front), That's the wonderful
thing about Upcycling/recycling/repurposing.
I wanted to let you know I would love to include
a family name or childs for an over night bag
(maybe using one of their fave T's they've
outgrown), I'll do any lettering (within reason)
for ya. I'm having so much fun. For me to be
able to reuse something and also, spread my
Eco-Friendly messages, this is "Hanns Down"
a totally rewarding project for me~

Thank you Sandi, for Lulu's darling "Cherry Dress"!

I added this picture so you could see Lulu's
Curley hair! She's getting ringlets down the

Even thought she's been sick with a cold all week,
she was a trooper about having her picture taken!
Showing us the cherries!!!

She's checking out the cherries on her new dress!

She seemed to love showing off her "New Dress"!

Eco-Friendly Bags ~No paper No plastic~

These are a couple of T-shirt bags I've made to
sell!!! I'm taking orders if you're interested!!!
They're all recycled T-shirts and a step in helping our environment!

Our students made their own grocery bags today~

I wish I could show you their smiling faces, they
were so proud of their t-shirt grocery bags!!! They're
hard to see, they blend into their own clothes.

Friday Fill-Ins #4

Thursday Thirteen at Costco~

1) Why is it raining, blowing or snowing
when we decide to do a Costco run?
2) Dinner time is the best time to hit
Costco. Opps, missed that by an hour!
3) The healthy snacky handouts are never
ever given out when I'm dieting!
Today, they tried to intice me with
hot out of the oven chocolate chip
cookies! Aroma therapy 101~ OMG!!!
4) They ran out of something Jerry wanted,
and he was sure it was there, but finally
after wandering up and down every aisle, he
caved and realize, that even though only
2 weeks ago there were a bazillion of the
item, it's Costco, and they SOLD OUT.
5) I realized the dressing we always buy
is kept in the cooler...unlike our extra
four at home, sitting in the pantry, okay,
I exaggerated, only two in the pantry, one
in the fridge.
6) Not always, but quite often, we get up
to the check out, only to remember an item
we forgot that is at the back of the store.
Today, it was the frozen peas.
7) We try to keep to our list, but to no
avail, we always find something else to
8) Today, I resisted the books, that was
very hard to do...
9) We bought only ONE new item to try!
However, we are such creatures of habit,
we seldom get too far off our "Costco"
10) Do you ever go back for seconds from
a snack vendor? I do...:)
11) Even though we know whats pretty much
on each aisle, we find ourselves going up
and down each aisle, even though we know
we're not going to get something off that
particular aisle. (Just on the Food side).
12) Today we beat the crowd back to the
check outs!!! Not much of a line at each
13) Just when you think you have it all
wrapped up, the clerk says, "your membership
is due"! :)

Working on Reducing my~

Monday Monday...

Where did the weekend go??? I didn't do near all the
wonderful things I planned to do. I did get to spend
some time with Lulu!

I'd upcycled an outfit for her, and she liked it!!!
Or at least she tried to put her new cherry socks
on, and she wanted to try out her new cherry visor,
(for her to do that was huge)...SHE HATES HATS OR

Today at school, Sandi came over with a darling red
and white sun dress for Lulu, with cherries all over
it, a darling group of crocheted cherries on the waist
band...So so cute!!! :)I can hardly wait to see it on
her, and get a picture to show Sandi...
Thank YOU so much Sandi, it's adorable!!!

Two weeks left of school!!! We're out Friday the
Ugh...Vicky & Karen, if you're reading this, does that
Freak YOU out?

(Edit)Vicky's here from Idaho, for her Grandson's Graduation,
and stopped in this afternoon! She added that Friday the 13th.
is okay, as long as we don't get together!!! :(

Friday Fill-Ins #3

1. For me sewing clothes, using a pattern is the opposite of creativity.
2. Eckhart Tolle's book was sooo thought provoking.
3. I like fill-ins because I'm doing this late and I don't have to think.
4. In nature I like looking at any beautiful scene, without telephone poles, signs, smoke, cars or people, and if I'm that
far out, God forbid, without a bear or cougar...stalking me...
5. Hillary/Obama or maybe,Obama/Hillary...could/might
win the US elections.Is it me? Or does it creep anybody else
out that Obama changed his name to that???Anyone remember the song..."SWEET TALKING MAN"?
6. The last time I laughed with all my belly was at my work Christmas party, over the gift Sandi brought, and the reaction everyone had when they saw it, especially the look on Les'face, I laughed until I thought I was going to pass out!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to kicking back with a movie, tomorrow Jerry's working, so my plans are to finish the flower beds, put my new pump in the pond, and Sunday, I want to spend time with Jerry, and hopefully the kids will come over and we can play outside with Lulu, that would make her day!And ours as well!!!

Friday Fill-Ins # 2

1. On my laziest day, especially if it's raining,
I love to sit by the fire, enjoying a good cup of
coffee and a favorite book or magazine!!
2. Making cards and recycled envelopes makes me
feel like I'm being productive.
3. I love little kisses and big hugs from Lulu.
4. This summer I want to get into making jewelry
and upcycle more clothing.
5. Enjoying Randi's blog, made me want a blog of
my own.
6. Red cheerful cherries adorn my house and I love
watching orangish red sunsets!!!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking
forward to clearing all my craft supplies off
my dining room table, tomorrow my plans include
finishing potting my patio plants and
weeding/mowing weather permitting, and Sunday,
I want to go to the river and dip my fabric for
the World River Project and get it embroidered
and sent off to my EcoEtsy Street Team leader!

I scored an Etsy "Treasury"

I doubt any of you will know what I mean, but I have
a few things for sale on I'm also a
proud member of Eco Etsy's Street Team!!!
Etsy is everything hand made with the exception
of Vintage items!!! To score a Treasury is a BIG
DEAL, because of the amount of people waiting to
get one. If you do happen to look, my Treasury is
called "Wings", and my shop's called Eco'Logically Worn.
It's a way of promoting others because you love
their items, or sometimes I might just pick Eco
Etsy Street Team members.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~Let the Sunshine in~ (Hair)

I took my personal day Friday and had fun picking out plants and hitting the local thrift shops!!! I found a fantastic portable fire pit/barbeque. Saturday we had Lulu, she has the sniffles and was somewhat crabby. She did manage to have some fun in the back yard sliding and riding the "pink pony", later went on a walk that she enjoyed a lot. She ended up spending the night with us, so we made a bed with the cushions she normally takes naps on, and we built side bumpers out of the couch cushions. It worked out beautifully, she slept all night and stayed in her bed until I checked on her at 7:00!!! I met a guy at the thriftstore with an opossum, his daughter has a opossum rescue. I think I met her 10 or so years ago.(In the same thriftstore), I told him I'd love one...;) It's a secret, don't tell Jerry he's going to have a fit. They're actually very easy pets, easy to litter train and love to snuggle. The rescue ppl.usually get babies after mom gets squished. :( So they're hand fed and very tame. If I'm able to get one, I hope it's a she, and I'm planning on naming her "Kitty Possum" Kitty for short!!! If it's a male probably something like "Possey". Out I go to plant my front flower boxes, I absolutely love how they look, a few weeks after I plant them. They seem to make this little house smile~

Is it Friday the 13th.?

The kids have been off for days, not sure whats
up with that. I keep asking everyone if it's a
full moon. It's not just our class, but several
of them. Maybe it's WASL letdown or something...

Today,I was excited because Tenisha was bringing
Lulu to school to go home with me, we decided she
would bring her to school so I could show her off.
While we were in the staff room, a teacher told us
there had been a terrible wreck right outside our
school. He wanted to know which way Tenisha had
to go,because he thought the parking lot would be a
mess very soon.(Which it is normally, anyway).

As it turns out, one of our secretaries came in to
tell a fellow para her car had been hit in the
parking lot. I told Tenisha, she might want to go
move her car because she was parked either right
next to Sandi's car or behind it. As we got closer,
we see that there were other cars involved. It turns
out, Lisa's car, (my boss) was hit and Nancy's truck
was also hit!!! A parent (driving a very nice "vette",
somehow, backing into a space, says she got her foot
stuck between the gas pedal and brake and her car
shot backwards hitting all three vehicles!!! You'd
have to have seen it, to believe it!!!
Not even Friday the 13th???
Jerry's been working in the garden the last
couple of weeks, its weeded (with the
helpful lil hands of Lulu)and tilled. The
garden boundries have been moved because
of DogDog(Sportz) and the raspberries. It
looks "BOUNTIFUL", I mean "BOOTIFUL"!!!

Today, for the first time, I don't have
anything going on, and "OMG" it's a Saturday,
and NOT raining!!! I'm going to go get my
hands dirty!!! My poor ole flower beds are
knee deep in weeds, my sign hasn't been working
" FREE WEEDS, YOU PICK", soooo...sow...I go~ =)

"Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it do, or do Without."

I didn't do as much as I wanted to do with
our kids for "Earth Day", Wasl and night
classes took up precious time,(thats my
excuse and I'm sticking to it)...Last year
we decorated grocery bags for a local grocery
store, they were Ecofriendly, and had a lot
of useful recycling info on them. Today our
kids made some flyers, with great tips on how
to reduce our carbon footprint and do what
we can in our own school, homes, neigborhoods
and community to help reduce waste. They put
them up around campus! They also wrote a paper
and pledged to do what they could in their
own homes. What are "YOU" doing?

Short Weekend~

Checking your blogs, my Etsy, emails and down 9lbs. :)
Lifes good~
ps. Lulu was sitting on my lap, but she's off and running!!!

Here I go again~

I joined in at work for another
"BIGGEST LOSER EVENT", however, the
stakes are a bit higher this time!
We all put in $25 and it's up to
$675, so whomever wins, will truly
have enough for a new wardrobe, if
they want. Of course, I believe I
will be the "Biggest Loser". We
started Monday the 14th., and will
do our final weigh in the first
day back to school, Sept. 2nd.
This time we had to weigh in
with a fellow "Biggest Loser",
so my boss and I were witness'
for each other. UGH! Also,making
it more viable for others, with
less weight to lose (unlike yours
truly), they're going to divide the
poundage we lose, by our weight to
see who wins, I love the challenge
(so far), of course it's only day
three. Oh, and I bought a fancy
scale that can do everything but
the dishes. (Karen, I'm keeping the
gorgeous antique scale you gave me
for my birthday), when I get to my
goal (have no idea what that'll
be), I'll use it again.
For you skinny minnies,when you're
a plus + size girl, you lose a
huge amount of water the first
week or so. It may sound fabulous
when I say I lost 4lbs. the first
day and again the second day. But,
in the scope of things that's,
nuttin'. I'd been talking with my
co-workers about walking on the
track after school. I've wanted
to get back into shape and
honestly, just healthier. So, this
challenge came at the best possible
moment. So wish me luck~
and I really don't mean that
about winning the bucks, but luck in
beating my "Eating Disorder" down
to a managable win win situation
for ME...

Back to work tomorrow~

As always, the week just flew
bye-bye. Yesterday was such a
tease, giving us a taste of
whats to come! I actually
enjoyed being barefoot for
awhile. What a wonderful feeling.
Come on summer, I'm so ready
to hang up my webbed feet
for awhile.
1. I love springtime in my own backyard,
it promises new beginnings, sweet smells
of freshly cut grass, spring flowers, bird
watching, baby squirrels, and the critters
sneaking out with their babies!
2. Oatmeal with raisins are what I love to
eat for breakfast on work days, but on
weekends, pancakes with fruit in them,
are one of my fav's.
3. It seems I'm always searching for
a little something for Lulu!
4.Cuddling with Jerry and having Elfie
around our feet.
5. I think I'm going to make exercising
part of my daily plan, again!
6. Summer/sunshine, is what I've been
craving lately.
7. And as for this weekend, tonight
I'm looking forward to the kids coming
for dinner (salmon),and spending the
night, tomorrow my plans include some
yardwork in the sun and Sunday, I want
to finish the book I'm reading, before
going back to work, I've been enjoying
"Spring Break"!

Thursday Thirteen #1

I was going to do this on
Eva Cassidy, but found a
beautiful tribute to her
done today already.
So, I decided to pick a
person near, and dear to
my heart!!

Thirteen memorable moments in
her short life, I will never forget!

1)Her birth, the feeling I felt
seeing the love in Devon's
eyes as he held her for the first

2) The love I felt, watching Devon,
with Mercedes on his knee looking
at Tenisha and baby Lulu.

3) How she felt as I held
her, minutes afer she was

4) Seeing her first smiles with
that twinkle in her eye.

5) Laying on a blanket on
the floor, holding her head
up, eye to eye with Mercedes.

6) Lulu, offering her Binky
to Grandpa Jerry, when he
got home from work.

7) The first time she held
her arms up, for me to hold

8) When she first called
me "Nana", then yelled it,
because I didn't feed her
fast enough.

9)How she raced around,
after Sportz, crawling
as fast as she could.

10) How she lays her head
on Sportz' neck and hugs

11) How she dances, when
I sing her my Lulu song.

12) When I whispered,
"I love you," in her ear,
she smiled and turned
to look at me...

13)The smile she greeted
me with, in the morning,
after her first sleep
over with us.

To be continued...

Heavens to Etsy~

I've been having so much in my Etsy Store,I have a couple of things on my shelves now.Go look see!!! I absolutely love Etsy, it's a great place to find almost anything and everything "Handmade" and lots of vintage goodies too! I've listed a couple of items in the vintage spot, but soon plan to have some of my crafty things there too! Here's my Etsy address:

~~Baby Boy Beckett~~

Pat stayed with us last night and
filled us in on all the particulars
of her #1 Grandbaby!!! He and his
proud parents are doing fine. He
weighed 8lbs.7oz. Pat says,"he looks
like his Daddy did, as a baby!"
Colleen had a very long labor,
hours of pushing. I won't go into
their private details. We're all
very happy to hear they're
healthy, home, and beginning this
beautiful "new" chapter in
their lives!!!
...........~~Nate & Colleen~~...........

A new title for Pat "Gram"~

Jerry's sis Pat, became a Grandma last night!!! Congrats to Grandpa David too!!! Nate & Colleen have a healthy(8ish lb.)bouncing BABY BOY!!!He was born just after midnight, and we haven't heard what they've decided to name him yet. We're so excited for all of them!!! We sure didn't expect the litte guy to be such a "BIG" guy. His Mama was on bed rest for months trying to keep him in the oven! Each week was a blessing, and miracle of all miracles, he was full term!!!


Tenisha helping Lulu open her plastic eggs,
to find more "Treasures" inside!!!

Checking out her "Goodies"

You would've thought it was a race!

Head over heals~

Tumbled head over heals, but came up holding
her prized egg!!!

Lulu loved finding Easter Eggs!

Cute as a "Ladybug" in her Easter dress~

Easter Sunday~

We had a "GREAT" time with Devon, Tenisha,
Mercedes, and Lulu yesterday!!! We celebrated
Devon's Birthday, which was Friday, and
Easter together! The girls Easter baskets
were a big hit. Devon and Tenisha colored eggs
with the girls(at home) and filled plastic
eggs with Money and Goodies for a fun Easter
egg hunt!!!

I cooked a turkey that was D*E*L*I*C*I*O*U*S*,
(We love turkey with all the fixins). Even
Mercedes ate turkey!!! Later we had apple pie
ala'mode, except for Mercedes, who opted to
eat her "Giant" Chocolate Easter Bunnies'
ears off!!!

While Lulu napped, we watched "I AM LEGEND"
(yikes)...I thought Will Smith was great in
it. The movie has some scarry parts though.

We're sure glad we had our family get-together
yesterday, this rain would have put a huge
"damper" =) on the girls "egg hunt".

I'm Feeling Better All the Time~~~

Starting to feel better, so boredom has
sunk in. I haven't felt quite good
enough to be creative and reading puts
me to sleep, nothing on TV. I did how-
ever find another dog on "SPOT". He
could be Sportz' younger brother, he's
only 6-7 months old. I'd take him in
a minute, but Jerry said,"It's not

for me tonight. I loved it!!! I hope
anyone who grew up loving the Beatles
then, or now, sees this movie. It was
done with so much beauty and
creativity and yet shows what a
turbulent and violent time our
nation was going through. It put
a smile on my face and tear in my

Lulu was still Contagious

1st. clue, Tuesday evening Jerry started
feeling yucky. I felt fine going to work
Wednesday, but shortly thereafter, I felt
like I might be getting Lulu's problem.
I told Lisa, I thought I was getting the
flu and by 10:30ish I knew I'd better
go home.
Arriving home, I changed into my jamies,
got a waste basket with garbage liners
ready, and crashed on the couch. A
little later, I was so glad I'd taken the
time to get ready for the inevitable. I was
going at both ends.
It's Friday now and I feel as if I've lost
a day somewhere. I'm very sore from it all,
but slowly getting better. Jerry never did
throw up or get the big "D" but still
feels yucky. All I can say is, I so feel
what Lulu must have gone through, and at her
age, it must have been sooooo much worse,
poor baby!

...Lady Bird & Mr. Blue Bird...

Our birds are very chattery
tonight, It could be Elfie's
watching them, they're not
afraid to let her know that
she's too close for comfort!

They've been very lovey dovey
lately. We just might get an
egg, and if we "CAN" count
our chicks before they're
hatched...maybe, just maybe,
we'll have an itsy bitsy baby
blue or yellow English

Lulu came to play~

Lulu has had the flu, she's not quite herself yet,
but cheerful never the less! She seems to enjoy
her time with us. she checks out everything she
knows to be her stuff. Then moves on trying to
open (kid proofed),cupboards. I love her spirit!!!
Lulu has a very adorable personality, very

She loves Sportz, and he her. He licks her and
she hugs him, and trys to avoid his big wagging
tail. She loves feeding him his dog bisquits,
as well as whatever she's having. She now drops
food off her highchair (after) she says, "Ouh Oh",
true puppylove!!!

I'm reading "A NEW EARTH", By Eckhert Tolle. I
signed up for the class he and Oprah are doing
together. I'm only half way through and have found
it very interesting. I find myself going back and
re-reading parts over and over. I have a lot of
questions, it's very thought provoking...
After the first chapter, I did the workbook,
(six questions) . Some of the questions I've had,
have been answered in the following chapters. I'm
looking forward to Monday evening~

Lacey took this photo of the girls off dropshots and made it "ART"~

Pretty, petaled primroses~

Notice the little family looking out?

Mother Earth is beginning to awaken~

Our weeping pussy willow is stunning, when Pat
was here last week, she said, something about
it looking like a waterfall! I love that!!!
It is so full of the "lil silvery guys" that
it glistens!!!

Hugging Sissy~



Mercedes Birthday ~

It was so "Bootiful" outside, we were out enjoying
the sun while we could! Between badminton & lots &
lots of bubbles, and fresh air...What fun!
Presents, Pizza, pictionary, "Giganto" chocolate
chip cookie & ice cream...Oh My!
(And in case your wondering, the girls won the
game, by a hair!)