Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Easter Sunday~

We had a "GREAT" time with Devon, Tenisha,
Mercedes, and Lulu yesterday!!! We celebrated
Devon's Birthday, which was Friday, and
Easter together! The girls Easter baskets
were a big hit. Devon and Tenisha colored eggs
with the girls(at home) and filled plastic
eggs with Money and Goodies for a fun Easter
egg hunt!!!

I cooked a turkey that was D*E*L*I*C*I*O*U*S*,
(We love turkey with all the fixins). Even
Mercedes ate turkey!!! Later we had apple pie
ala'mode, except for Mercedes, who opted to
eat her "Giant" Chocolate Easter Bunnies'
ears off!!!

While Lulu napped, we watched "I AM LEGEND"
(yikes)...I thought Will Smith was great in
it. The movie has some scarry parts though.

We're sure glad we had our family get-together
yesterday, this rain would have put a huge
"damper" =) on the girls "egg hunt".

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