Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everyday Living with Comfy Cottage WHITE!

Hi there,
I took some pictures around my house and your
going to see a bit of everyday life, I did move the gigantic
dog bed out of the living room, I knew I'd be tripping over

~living room love seat and the door into our family room~

~closer view showing a bit of everyday wrinkles~

...and this is where I sit and enjoy my morning coffee,
usually wrapped up in that white cozy blankie folded
up in the corner!

~hide abed sofa across from the love seat,

...and this is where Mr. McGiver
has his morning coffee, with his feet up on what else, but the
coffee table. 
We live in our home, we have grand kiddos around,
our big 100lb. dog & our sweet long haired cat,
we have NO shortage of
animal hair,

~our fireplace~

Now there's a HUGE project! I have a
portfolio of idea's just for this alone...
I can hardly wait for the day I can
show Y'all the finished picture!

~did you notice the grand kiddos little cupboard~

Around the corner is our small dining room with it's very
large table and pretty chairs...
(thrift store find)!
and you 're probably noticing that I haven't
made the slip covers for the chairs yet!
Talk about procrastinating, yep
that would be ME!

~dining room view from kitchen~

I know I've mentioned I'd share my
kitchen with you one day,
that wouldn't be today...
doesn't go with
the rest of the house,
 bright yellow
chalk ware
It's very 50's, not so

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Lovin'

It was beautiful today, in the 80's
I'm enjoying summer now that we've
had a break from the NW rain...
A quick post of a few things I've found at the swap meet,
garage sales and even a couple of things from my yard!

This mirror is stunning, the workmanship
is fabulous!

I looove the gorgeous leaves and flower!

Interesting how it has little tabs to hold
it's little mirror in.

The stand is broken, but I'm sure I can fix it,
maybe with a piece of leather?

I found this little beauty this morning at the swap meet
Looove it!
It's very heavy, the gal I bought it from said it's
brass with gold (paint, gold leaf) over it!

I also found this sweet little
cupcake tin at the
swap meet!

I'm going to make her a rose belt,
I think it would be the
perfect accessory!

I found this gorgeous lacey slip at a
garage sale and a
lacey top at my
favorite thrift

I'm loving how sweet the impatients look
in the window box with the
creeping jenny!

~they're not looking very impatient~

This purple climatis grows
in our front yard up
our light pole, it's
 fabulous camo!

Oh, and there's a prince
in the garden chair!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Always, Debbie~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Wedding, Simply Elegant on a Budget!

July 11, 2009
A casual outdoor summer wedding on a glorious day,
with family and friends is a happy occasion
 to have and behold!

Pure creative joy...on a budget!


My Son and his Bride just celebrated their 1st. Anniversary,
this is the story of their wedding!

~My Son & his Bride~

~flower girl fairy crowns~

~Program Fans~

~flowers from Pike Place Market~

~gorgeous Costco roses~

~Wedding cake made by Auntie Sally~

~Walking down the isle~
(the Bride was just handed over to the Groom)

~Their daughter Lulu is totally mesmerized~

~The reception in the garden room ~

~I'm loving this, the 'ring bearer' ~

I hope you enjoy our little stroll down memory lane...
and just a little foot note,
they're expecting a bambino
the end of January...
Lulu say's" it's a baby sissster",
Mom & Dad are 'wishing on a star for a boy',
But of course, 
will be happy with whatever God chooses to gives them! :)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remember These?

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the 4th.,
it started out at a friends party on the 3rd. I wish
I had pictures to share, they had enough food for
an army and a 'Yankee Doodle Parade' for anyone
that wanted to participate and what fun it was, lots
of adults got into the festivities as well as the kiddos!
We voted and got prizes as well as the parade
participants! Thanks Jeri & Paul for such a
We went to the beach for the 4th.
Our Aunt Mary & Uncle Tom
have the most wonderful home
where we all congregate each
4th. of July,
at one time, I counted 48 people!
There were kids out in the boat,
babies and Mama's in the house,
a couple dozen or so
cozied up to the tables
okay, it was more of a
feeding frenzy!!!
I've been practicing my
cake decorating on the family again!
(remember the cupcakes?)
When I was a little girl,
my Grandma Stella made me
the most adorable doll cakes,
you know, 
where the cake was the dolls dress.
Well, I've decided to practice
so our Granddaugters will have
the same sweet cakes that I
enjoyed as a little girl!!!

Here's my first attempt.

Betsy Ross!

I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of her cut,
she was a jello cake with
I have a lot to learn, but I think I have
enough confidence to make
one in August, for one of our little Birthday girls!!!

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