Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome Spring!

We've had a
beautiful weekend,
here in the Pacific NW!
One whole day of
(I'm not complaining,
I was tickled pink about
it...I just know we're
going to have more soon)!
I'm welcoming Spring
with open arms,
lots of Zinnia seeds
to play in the dirt with! 
Doesn't that sound like fun?
...I think so!
I found this sweet wreath
last year at one of my favorite
thrift stores.
I think I was pretty lucky to
find such a beautiful
wreath, especially,
with white tulips,
don't you
There, a sweet little pastel welcome sign...
Now it's just perfect!
Thank you so much for
visiting my blog,
I'd looove it if you left me a
Always, Debbie~

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is in the air!
When my Weeping Pussy Willow bloom's,
I know Spring has Sprung!
It's full of the little
Don't you just love Pussy Willows?
...and the little birds love the Willow too!
Sweet little prims...
Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Spring Everyone!!!
Always, Debbie~