Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday Monday...

Where did the weekend go??? I didn't do near all the
wonderful things I planned to do. I did get to spend
some time with Lulu!

I'd upcycled an outfit for her, and she liked it!!!
Or at least she tried to put her new cherry socks
on, and she wanted to try out her new cherry visor,
(for her to do that was huge)...SHE HATES HATS OR

Today at school, Sandi came over with a darling red
and white sun dress for Lulu, with cherries all over
it, a darling group of crocheted cherries on the waist
band...So so cute!!! :)I can hardly wait to see it on
her, and get a picture to show Sandi...
Thank YOU so much Sandi, it's adorable!!!

Two weeks left of school!!! We're out Friday the
Ugh...Vicky & Karen, if you're reading this, does that
Freak YOU out?

(Edit)Vicky's here from Idaho, for her Grandson's Graduation,
and stopped in this afternoon! She added that Friday the 13th.
is okay, as long as we don't get together!!! :(

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