Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Short Week

For some reason the day just breezed by...NICE...
When I got home, I poured a nice cup of StarBucks,
was just getting into my usual after school relax
mode in front of the fire, when I saw Tenisha
and Lulu drive up!!! I was so happy!!! It was so
nice we went outside and Lulu road the pink pony,
played ball and watched Sportz chew his bone.
Although beautiful, it got a little chilly, so we
went in. I'll post some of the snap shots I took!

Saturday we're celebrating Mercedes' Birthday
(it's Sun.) We're having a pizza party for lunch
and Mercedes chose a GIGANTO Cookie for her
"Sweet Option", so giant chocolate chip cookie
it is! They're coming early, so we'll get some game
time in, Yahtzee, Pictionary or cards!!! We're
looking forward to having them here. Hard to believe
she's "11" already.

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