Saturday, July 5, 2008

We survived the 4th.!!!

The party at Uncle Tom's & Aunt Mary's
was a "BLAST" in more ways than one!
As always, there was tons of great food.
It was so nice to see EVERYONE!!! There
were many who couldn't or didn't make
it this year and were GREATLY missed,
Uncle Larry, Aunt Sandy,their families,
Ryan & DeWayne, and Frank to name a few!

The babies were very entertaining. Vinnie
was working on his planned 4ish buzz!
Uncle Tom & Aunt Mary were the "STARS"
opening their beach home to such a huge
bunch of "PIRATES"!!! Thank YOU TWO!!!
Mary, of course didn't sit down all day
evening, night...(((((((((Hugs)))))))))

The Priest Pt. Parade was absolutely the
highlight to me, the kiddo's young and
old were fabulous. Our eclectic pirates were
the BEST, we all had a ball
throwing them candy and catching theirs
that they threw to us...More Food~Vinnie
was where he had planned to be :)!!!

Jerry went home to check on Sportz, if,
he was doing okay, then the plan was to
stay for Chris' Firework display!!!
All's well with Sporty, so we stayed.

The fireworks were spectacular, I picked
the evidence out of my hair, picked up my
chair and ran for the street! We ducked,
covered and ran for the back!!
! We found
a lot of others had relocated there also!!!
I held Lulu, she and Bella had stayed awake
and Lulu was totally into watching the fire
works!!! We had to cover our eyes & hair
at times, dust off the debris!!! WOW!!!
Jerry took nonstop movies of the fireworks,
so we'll be able to enjoy them for sometime!
The place looked like a war zone and smelled
like stinky eggs, with a low lying bluish haze!!!
Chris was smiling ear to ear, the kiddo's, tweens,
teens and young adults & Boomers alike were
ecstatic, (it was over) some were shell shocked but
WE ALL had a BLAST!!! What a great time was had
by all!!! Love you guys!!!


plundin said...

Hi Deb,
Your blog looks terrific! And I checked out your Etsy store...I love your card/button package. I will be doing some shopping soon!

Sounds like you had another spectacular 4th! I'm glad Sporty did't remodel your house over the holiday...
Raejean, John and Danielle were happy to hang out here so we stayed home on the 4th. They have filled up their cameras with photos of all the animals...I think we will have to figure out how to get them extra memory cards...they are enjoying the peace and quiet and COOL weather the tripple digits back home in Cave Creek, AZ.
We'll see you next Saturday!
Pat Lundin

Ryan and DeWayne Hetrick said...

Thanks for the missing us on the forth let me tell you it was really hard not being with the family. Hopefully the price of gas will go down some time and we will have some money to go over and visit. I miss you I feel like I have not seen my aunt Debbie in years. Love Ryan

Garno said...

Hi Deb,
I like the little albums, haven't checked out your store yet. Will do that next. Our 4th was a lot quieter than we expected - thank goodness! I am getting crabbed I guess, I don't like the 4th at all. I've let rampant irresponsibility and fear for the animals ruin things, I guess. It really soured me on fireworks wehn we have to tranquilize our animals daily for weeks because of the sticks of dynamite people set off -
I can't help but think of all of the money that is being burned up during the time Boom City is open - and most of it is just noise and liking the destructiveness and danger. I do like the formal shows, but we don't get over to Legion Park any longer. Anyuway, the 4th is over and we didn't need to use as many pills as normal; perhaps people are spending as indiscriminately as I thought; though the evening of the 4th was
a long one, probably 6 hours in our area. This is the first time since we have lived here (17 years) that our street didn't light off fireworks. Amazing! I have always had to go out and clean up the street the morning after; 2 houses who do not participate that is, are the ones who end up cleaning up their street and yards. Well, I'd better go and check your store :)