Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Reason's I know I'm addicted to Coffee

1). It's the first thing I think about when I
wake up, okay sometimes second!!!
2). I love to have the pot set the night before,
so it's done when I wake up (it's also my
alarm)!!! It brings back a childhood memory of
my mom making coffee, and as I layed in
bed, I could smell the familiar aroma!!!
3). Okay, then there's chocolate & coffee,
the #1 being, chocolate covered coffee beans,
and believe me I've eaten my fair share!!!
4). I love my first sip of a good hot cup of
coffee, I sit and enjoy it in the summer!
But, when I'm working, I usually have a
couple of sips before my shower and finish
it while getting ready for work! Pour a second
in a travel mug to take with me!
5). When I started drinking coffee as a young
adult, I drank it with cream.
6). Later, I switched to black coffee. I'd moved
into a neighborhood, where a few of us got
together and always had a cup of coffee in
our hand, (we all drank it black.) It was a great
time, all our kids played together as we visited,
and we 'ALWAYS' had coffee. Sometimes we
played cards, other times, worked on crafts,
but 'ALWAYS' over coffee!!!
7). This was the about the time I started working
for one of my neighbors, we drank coffee there
too! Later on, I discovered Coffee Mate flavored
creamers...I soon become hooked on hazlenut!
8). Years later, I gave up regular hazlenut (to help lose
weight), I went to fat free and used that
for a couple of years. At first it was terrible, but I
quickly adapted to it and was hooked on it!!!
9). Later I decided to give that up too,
and use plain powdered creamer! I'd still
love to use the flavored creamers, (now they
even have chocolate raspberry)!!!
10). This should have been put near #1 , I
hate hate hate old coffee!!! Or, burnt coffee...
I really like to drink it fresh!!!
11). I also hate the smell of old/burnt coffee. I can
smell it right away!!! But it happens... sometimes I'm
given a cup of old brew...I really try not to drink it.
12). I also love coffee in blended drinks, my #1 fave
espresso is raspberry mocha and same with a blended
or iced coffee...totally a dessert to me...YUMMM!
13). Please look at my Wordless Wednesday under this
post!!! It's the cutest espresso shop I've ever seen.
It's called 'Hot Spot' as good as it is cute!!! I'm
lucky it's not far from my house!!!

I'd love a cup of coffee right now, but it's too


Hootin' Anni said...

first off, love the wordless photo below too.

But, for me I'm not a coffee drinker. Just the thought of it makes my stomach churn. But needless to say I get my caffeine fix with a cola a day.

Happy T-13. Again, I have a return of Jefé --and her witty thirteen statements on life. Come on over, have a laugh or two!

Stace said...

LOL I love that expresso building! too clever! Im right with you on the coffee husband knows that if he's going to buy me a coffee has to be a BIG coffee cup...double the size of a regular one. And the carafe of coffee I make in the morning?...thats all mine. :-P Of course my stomach is suffering because of it now ;-P
Great tt :-D

Anonymous said...

Hello from another coffee drinker - mine is French Vanilla with a teaspoon of sugar. Two cups ( 'cups' actually hold about two cups, so I guess I have to say 4..) in the morning, and sometimes a cup before I go to bed. Weird, I know, and at 44, I know I'm pushing my luck drinking caffeine right before bed, but for some reason, it calms me instead of revving me up. Maybe it's the aroma, I don't know, but me minus coffee is not a pretty sight!

Laura said...

Okay, so that's a GREAT little coffee shop! I LOVE coffee, too...I prefer to make my own...and no one else in the house drinks it, so I GET IT ALL!!!
Happy T13!

forgetfulone said...

Your WW photo was adorable!

I don't drink coffee, but I do love the smell of it, and since my husband drinks it, I get to wake up to the smell every day. It's very comforting.

soleil said...

I missed your Thursday 13 last week. I found your blog on last Wednesday during my first time participating in Wordless Wednesday. A great Thursday 13 here. I love coffee too... well, I love iced coffee! My Thurs. 13 list is posted on my pregnancy blog