Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Held prisoner by the street crew!

Yesterday the city paved our street! In 30 some years,
it had been a pot holed mess! A couple of years ago
when all the stores jumped into our neighborhood,
they half _ _ _ed, skim coated it and called it done.
Holes started showing up and it was a mess in no
time. I'm not sure who was to blame for that, if the
stores were suppose to do it or the city, but it was such
a dissapointment. This however, looks like a real road!
Jerry talked to them when they first started looking
at it and he said it sounded like they were going to do
it right! It's great!!! No sidewalks, but they sort of
hinted to Jerry that this area, may not stay this way
for long!!!! WOOHOO! KEEP ON COMING!!!

I finished the project for my bro Pat yesterday,
AND HE LIKED IT!!! Allison liked it and so
did the t-shirt man!!! Yippie!!!! I'll link to his
website when he gets this all going, so you can

Jerry's at Friday harbor working for Pat & David
for a few days, (thats a toughy being there on the
island in this weather)!!! He called last night
standing at Cattle Point(the interpretive center)
overlooking the sound, with a seal or something
wrestling a big fish. At first he thought it was a
whale, but nada...He said, the mama racoons
had their babies out on display (two families)
and saw the smallest racoons , he'd ever
seen. So cute! Pat & David feed the critters, they
have deer, fox, racoon and trillions of birds come
visit them everyday!!!


Ryan and DeWayne Hetrick said...

I love it as well Aunt Debbie I think it is perfect for the project and I will deffinantly be buying one of those shirts. I think that he will make some good money on that one. The bee is sooo cute I would love to wear it and say it was created by my aunt and Dad

Cori's Stories said...

Our road is horible too. John has had to replace his rims twice and get alinment on his brand new car. The road one block up is perfect, but ours sucks. They were going to put it on the ballot this fall, but I guess it is not going to make it on. We have no choice but to use the road above us to come and go. Rumor has it, the street above us got together and paid for it out of pocket. I wonder how much that cost, it almost seems worth it. I wonder if we could pull a street garage sale with proceeds going to a new street. HHHHMMMMM. I should do something about this!!!