Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #9

1. I Believe whatever doesn't kill you, hopefully was a
good life's lesson.
2. If you're good at something, follow your heart with
it, develop it and run with it!!!
3. So why has our country ended up in this mess,
think about it!
4. Something is out there, it's just waiting for all of us
(to finally get it) unite as a country and not
allow our government/car manufactors/big
business to string us along to believe there
isn't something we can all do 'RIGHT NOW',
to stop this insane belief that we have to have
oil to live, oil to kill for, and oil to lose our
sons/daughters over, oil to spend billions on....
We watched as the industrial revolution took
over and thought we were on top of the world,
but now we're slipping off...What took us to
the top. Brilliant minds, (Dreamers) the
want of something big, bigger, biggest...
Somehow we missed something, it was
an unforseen piece of the puzzle...What would
we do when we got there? Would we be happy?
Would all the people in 'OUR' country fit into
this puzzle? What about other countries? How
about our natural resources? Over crowding?
Pollution? Food? Trees? Air? Did we forget about
this along the way?
We have one life and one earth~
Now we've got to rethink this. Look where our
jobs have gone, where our countries headed,
what the smoke stacks , oil/gas, acres upon
acres of leaching landfills have gotten us.
Ask 'ourselves' what we can do to help our
plight, and UNITE together as ONE...

starting small in neighborhoods, and
communities. Our country needs to have
a plan, and we need to act now~ I won't be
here for the end result but my grandbabies
and their children and so on, will be...I will
only see the sadness of this great beautiful
and wonderful planet gasping harder

and harder... if we don't come together~
Okay, I'm done...take it or leave it, but
in the end, I hope we can all feel proud
of what we did, to reduce our own carbon
5. If my life were a sitcom, it would be titled
"If I had it to do over again"!
6. Sitting on my back porch, I see my beautiful
cedar and maple trees , (enjoy their shade),
and incredible habitat, with their
own eco-system changing with the seasons...
If it weren't for the I-5 rushing river, it
could be a little piece of heaven~
6. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking
forward to a bar-b-q at the kids house, tomorrow
my plans include house/yard work and Sunday,
I think Jerry will be home from the island(he's
been painting at his sisters), I'd like to take
Sportz to the river for a run and good swim!


soleil said...

Where do you buy Nettie Pot? I'm desperate!! And, is this something you can use/take while pregnant? Thanks!!

soleil said...

Coming back to say thanks for stopping by my Friday Fill-In.

I really like your answers to #1 and 2.

The Bar-B-Q sounds like fun! Enjoy your weekend!!

forgetfulone said...

I like the title of your sit-com! Sounds like you have a pretty view from the porch. Have a fun weekend!

gigi said...

i love your #2! enjoy your weekend!!

Cori's Stories said...

yeah, they are the kind that actually say "Box Tops for Education". They come on lots of brands, but I know they come on betty crocker, huggies and cottenell toilet paper. my address starts with 511, if that is what you have it is right, if not, I will email you with it. Love cori.

Janet said...

You are not alone on #4...not by a long shot! Well written, excellent answer!

Thanks for playing and have some fun this weekend :-)