Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 6

Thirteen Reasons why I believe
'YOU' should adopt a pet from
Rescue Organizations!!!

1. These pets have been rescued
and will not be euthanized. By
adopting one, it gives much
needed space for others.
2. There are thousands of pets
in different rescue centers all
breeds, colors, shapes & sizes to
chose from!
3. They're spayed or neutered!
News Flash!!! Over 17,000 spay/neuters
performed at N.O.A.H. since opening
in 2003!!!
4. They partner with overcrowded
local animal shelters, giving them
a second chance for a home!
5. We love N.O.A.H., because that's
where we found our cat Elfie! Who,
now...lets 'US' live with her! Tonasket
animal cruelty case is where Elfie came
from before N.O.A.H. rescued her and 11
other cats!!! Known at the shelter as the
Tonasket Twelve!!! They also rescued several
dogs from there too!
6. S.P.O.T. is rescue organization with an
all-volunteer group of like-minded
individuals who 'Foster' cats & dogs.
7. They provide necessary medical care
and educate and give a lot of
emotional support as possible!!!
8. We love S.P.O.T., because thats
where we got our boy, Sportz (Sporty),
he's our faithful companion, and
has enriched our lives 10 fold!!!
9. S.P.O.T. show cases their dogs
and cats online so you can see them,
and gives enough information that it may
be the beginning of a life long
10. Rescue organizations try to match
you to your adopted animal, they don't
want the pet to be rejected!!! They want
the adoption to be a positive experience
for animal and family alike!
11. Each city has an animal shelter, that
houses cats & dogs that may not be as
lucky as 'OUR' beloved pets, because
not every pet gets chosen by a rescue
organization and over crowding means
a certian death to older or more unadoptable
12. Sooooo, please go to your local animal shelter,
Paws, or any rescue organization!!!
13. Your life will never be the same, and the
pet you adopt, will give 'YOU' unconditional
love...What could be better than that?!?!


Anonymous said...

I love this list. The last 3 cats I've had all came from animal shelters. They have all made wonderful pets and I'm so happy I found them!

Alice Audrey said...

Last time I tried to adopt they wouldn't let me because they couldn't process the paperwork before the cat was put to sleep the next day.