Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 4 Independence Day!

Thirteen Memories of the 4th.

1.Loving Sparklers as a kid!

2. Watching the fireworks from
our balcony in Lk. Stevens!

3. Camping and sparklers!

4. Picnics with family or friends!

6. When I was young, not really liking
the loud booms! But, I did like the stinky
smell of fireworks!

7. This neighborhood when our kids were
young. How much fun it was in the
street with everyone young and old.
The kids with their sparklers, stinky
worms and assorted safe & sound Fireworks!

8. Realizing sparklers are dangerous!

9. The kids graduated from safe & sane
to not so safe, loud , beautiful displays.
I Hated bottle rockets, then and now...
I worry for my beautiful trees every 4th.

10. Uncle Toms, with all the Aunts &
Uncles and cousins, loving the fire
works over the water! Yummmy Food!!!

11. Cousin Chris' Piromania!!!

12. Thinking how Cousin Chris'
display has grown every year and
is better than the big display
across the bay!!! But Ohhhh, does
it stink, soooo bad and is soooo
loud! We've coverd our heads with
the fear of incoming, with assor.
pizza pans, lids, whatever we
can muster up!

13. Uncle Tom & Aunt Mary's at the beach,
is still the family "HOT" spot for the
4th. Good friends & family, food & fun!!!
We come home before dark every 4th. now,
because our dog is sooo afraid of the loud
noises and we don't want a repeat of what
happened in the past...Now he's on drugs &
we're NOT...


Always Been Different said...

Great Memories and a TT!

Have a wonderful 4th!

Kimberley said...

Very cool memories of the Fourth of July!! It is a great Holiday!

Alice Audrey said...

You remind me of an old family film of myself and my sister running around with sparklers after a rodeo on the 4th when I was very young.

Bellezza said...

When I was little I used to be afraid of sparklers. Now that I love them, they aren't made as well as they were. The sticks are wooden and spindly, more inclined to fall than the metal ones they used to use. Still, they are so beautiful. Have fun waving yours around!

Carol said...

Happy 4th! Happy 13!

Anonymous said...

Sparklers are indeed dangerous, so is PMS.

Thanks for stopping by my hormonally enhanced PMS = Promoting More Smiles edition. I hope you will be back.