Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No other Title but, Reuse! Reduce! Recycle!


Pat and Allison Punteney said...

Sorry, I am coming home for the weekend. I am in Sacramento taking a 6am flight home get to Spokane at 8:55am and will be home by 11:30 am. Randi & Kauleen will be there Friday by 6pm. Shaun and Jeanea got there tonight, Chris and Denise have been at there place all week, and I am BBQ'ing at 6pm for all of them (they have to bring the steaks). I leave for a place called Alhambra near East LA on Monday and come home next Saturday for 3 and a half days and then bac to Sacramento for a week. I should be home for a while after the 8th. I have only been home 1 full day in like 3 months. (the 4th doesn't count because I wasn't actually home).

Debbie~ said...

I'm glad you get time home!!! Sounds like you need it, in a 'BIG' way! A huge street fair would have been great, if it had been the right city and a stay over weekend for ya! I was thinking it would be a great way to meet other
entrepreneur's! BTW, tell Allison, I got her cute card :) etc...Thank YOU, very very much!!! Have a wonderful weekend...Oh, and before I forget, I had my hair trimmed today by Karen,(at her barbershop)
and Mr. Metz was getting his haircut. He said to tell you Hi, and wondered if you remember him being your Cub Scout Mom...maybe that should be Dad! Anyhoo, nice guy, he was there with his 'older' brother (two cute old men)!!! I love visiting Karen, I usually stay a long time, just to hang out and enjoy the all the 'old farts'!!!