Friday, July 18, 2008

Jerry & I hung out yesterday, we went to a couple of thrift
stores and actually besides my usual( pink clothes for a
certian someone), we found.... drum rolllllllllllll!!!!
A sink.... not the proverbial kitchen sink, but a very old
bathroom sink. Some of you know we've been at a stand
still with our bathroom for sometime, we originally
wanted one of those bowl sinks, and actually have it!
Jerry's been against it from the get go, worried that he
may break it I guess. He wanted more of a rugged
heavy duty sink in there and wanted to put the glass
bowl in the powder room. Well, now with this find...
we can do just that! The new thrift find is really
a cool square style, almost Art Deco looking. It
has two separate faucets, and the stopper is an
old rubber style. (That may take a while to find)!
We found an old vanity to put our sink in last
year, and Jerry thinks the new sink will fit perfectly!
When we finally get this project done I'll post

....And for dinner, Devon & Tenisha had us over for
a barbeque, YUMMY!!!!!, Devon fixed shish kabobs
(shrimp, chicken and lots of different veggies),
hamburgers, with rice-a-roni salad and corn on the
cob it was a yummy feast!!! After dinner the guys
worked on Devon's new (his boss' old one) grill and
us girls went in, Lulu went to bed and Tenisha and
I watched a dancing show~

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