Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Huge thankYOU to JEN, for doing our( Pattie & my) ad
for Craigs List !!! I tried to do it and found out that
(which I already knew), I don't talk html. Sooo, Jen
to the rescue, and we have a fantastic ad!
Check it out! Pictures and everything! WooHoo!

Another fantastic thing that happened today was one
of my very favorite past students came to visit me today!
His Grandma brought him over as a surprise for me and
him too! Love that boy, made my day! WooHoo!

My creepy crawly painful stuff (shingles), seemed way
better today than yesterday....WooHoo!

...and I'm venturing into a new creative adventure!!!
a lot of my treasures arrived today!!! WooHoo!

I really feel blessed and today seemed to be a crazy
busy day, where in quiet , simple ways ...I feel so
very lucky...and thankful for friends and family,
especially for Devon, I love YOU son!!!

Ps... Special prayers and positive thoughts
to Larry's fast and total recovery and for
Sandy, we know how hard this is on her
and wish her all the love, strength, (rest)&
((((((hugs))))))) that she'll need to get
through this scary time with our
Uncle!!! Love to you both!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

~~~~Positive Thoughts~~~~

We went to the Farmers Market today and enjoyed the
'Art Show' that was also there along the pier! Great
hands on booths for kids, and a lot of cool exhibits
were put on by different artists, for instance,
there were glass blowers, and lamp bead makers
showing how it was done. All very fun to watch.
A work friend, Joli, was there with her beautiful
jewelry (we had a nice visit)!
The only down side was, the high humidity,
and for some (dumb) reason I wore a poly blend
shirt...:( and about melted! I also have a health
issue going on, and the heat and humidity,
caused it to be terribly uncomfortable.

If any of you read my Fill In Friday post,
then you already saw, that I have the
misfortune to have got shingles, this
past week and it is a terribly painful
disease...The Dr. said I was lucky,
and I guess I am...I don't have them
on my face. I have them attatched to
my trunk nerves. On me it's actually
my right side, chest, shoulder, arm
to elbow, it's moving around to my back
now, but won't cross over my spine.
(They stay on the lines of nerves and
don't cross over!?!?! The other reason
the Doc said that I was lucky, is that
I figured out what it might be and
got in to him right away, so the treatment
was started, and we'll know if it'll work
by a weeks time...(fingers crossed).
For those of you old enough to remember,
Grandpa Razz was plagued with Shingles
and so I already have a 'horrid memory' of
how it was for him...
So send all your positive thoughts my way!!!
I sure hope I can beat this right away and not
have all the after postherpetic neuralgia
(dibilitating pain that can last for months or
even years after the actual shingles (rash) is gone...
The reason I thought I might have shingles,
was that I had terrible pain all day, my chest,
(boob), shoulder, arm, elbow, my back
itched terribly and hurt...it felt like I'd
been burnt and sometimes I had jabbing
pain, but when I'd take my shirt off...zippo,
nadda, not a darn thing to show for the pain.
I'd worked in the yard a couple of days before,
but this was NOT muscle pain, very different!
Finally, after the whole day of this, at bedtime
I saw two small blotches...and I started
thinking about it and remembered Grandpa
Razz having so much pain and the rash...
In bed the pain was really bad...and by
morning I had a rash and more blotches.

So, thats where I am right now...The Dr.
said, it'll get worse before it gets better,
but that we will know soon, if the meds
will work for me...

I start back to work soon, so I'm hoping
the worse will be over by then!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #10

1.) The last meal I had at a restaurant was a delicious
salad at Cristiano's, they're huge and yummy, I
especially love their garlic bread that comes with it,
but I was good and didn't eat it the last time...
(damn diet)!

2.) Just getting shingles is something I intensely dislike.
( I have more to say on this subject...but I'd better freakin'

3.) The full moon is so intensly beautiful, romantic , bright
and makes me want to hoowwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllllllllllllll!

4.) That we all must have webbed feet...is one of my favorite local expressions.

5.) Sometimes it's best to just kiss and make up.

6.) "Across the Universe", is the best movie I've seen so far this year!
Jerry bought it for me!!! :)

7.) As for the weekend, (tomorrow night), I'm looking
forward to organizing...(yeah right!), Saturday, finishing
the job of pulling stuff out for the garage sale and getting
it all marked, and Sunday going to the Farmers Market,
they're having live music and a huge art show too!
However, one of my favorite things will be picking
out a new bouquet ! I love fresh flowers and I always
choose one with lilies to make my house smell, as good
as they look!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sample Peek of our Garage Sale!!! Tons More! Bring all of your friends!

If you like blue glass, this is the sale for 'YOU'!
Lots of collectables!

Holiday Decorations!!!

Tons of Halloween & Christmas decorations!!!!
Garage Sale is at my friend Pattie's house in
Arlington, on the Burn Rd.
Thurs. Aug. 21st. Fri. 22nd. & Sat. 23rd.
Follow the signs & it'll be in the Herald & on Craigs List!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still trying to Simplify~

I'm really trying to get getting rid of stuff, my friend
Pattie and I are having a garage sale (at her house,
this is her first)! She's really digging in and getting
rid of things!!! I'm very proud of her! I got rid of a
lot of my antique hoard a couple of years ago, but
still have a lot to go through and get rid of. I'm
taking lots to the thrift store too.

We're still trying to decide if the TV, is moving into
the living room and my craft room will share with
the gym. I guess we could call it the 'Sweat Shop'...
ok, maybe it would be nicer to call it the 'Work Room'...
What ever it's called, I still have to make a decision
what I want to do.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quirky Meme!

Forgetfulone tagged me for this quirky meme!

Here are the rules.
Mention six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details
about yourself. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them
know they've been tagged. If you participate, let the person
know who tagged you you've posted your quirks!


1. We shop at Costco, and when I buy lettuce I usually
check several packages, before I'm convinced that
the expiration dates are usually all the same...

2. I have to have my toilet paper go 'over' the top...
if I ever find it going under, I'd have to change it...
(I've only changed it at one persons house) Diane, aren't
you glad we don't live next door to one another, hehe!?!?!?

3. This one is pretty neurotic...I work at a school and in
our classroom we have two colors of chairs, I make sure
every morning that all the student chairs are the same color...
and I take the other ones and put them at the computers,
reading tables, etc. The room looks messy to me otherwise!

4. When I buy something, (other than food) I never take
the front box.

5. I hate sitting in a room with my back towards the door.

6. You're going to think I'm nuts...but, I have lunch
with the same work friends everyday, and we all sit
in the same spots, sometimes we have a guest teacher,
(sub) and if they happen to sit in my usual chair, it
kind of throws me off...I would never ask them to move,
however, one of my work buds has nicely told the person
they were in my spot...

I tag the following people:

Cori at Cori's Stories
Randi at Musing's
Karen at Life needs a Garnich

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I learned how to make a Wrap Bangle Bracelet!

I had a to-do list of things I wanted to learn or
do this summer and jewelry was on my list. I
took a class a few days ago and made this
bracelet, it's called a 'wrap bangel bracelet'!!!
I like how it turned out, (except for the clasp),
I hope to make more soon and I'll post
them too.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why I love a good old fashion Farmers Market

13.) I'm so tired, I just realized I did the list upside down...darn! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO # 1!!! This is it! Pretty as a picture!
12.) See the lilies? I chose one with lots of lilies, for their fragrance!

11.) Can you just imagine the aroma? Just beautiful! I chose one of these!

10.) With so many flower venders...it was hard to choose...

9.) And the main reason I went to the farmers market ...my favorite thing...FLOWERS

8.) Some people came quite far to sell their bounty~

7.) and more incredible veggies~

6.) Prize winning beets!
5.) and more berries...flat after flat, Yummmmm~

4.) Gorgeous berries and beautiful people!

3.) Farm fresh produce!

2.) Beautiful booths full of handmade and locally grown products.

1.) Crowds of people looking at all the booths.

My Carbon Footprint~ It's still mucked up!

Please use this link to my other blog and watch the video about Vertigrow!!!
It may be our 'FUTURE'...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Drummer reminded me of 'Vinnie'

The band is 'SHYANNE' , their drummer (all the
way from Smokey Point) reminded me of my bro~ Vinnie!

The Penguins @ Strutz Fest

This little gal could belt out the songs, and had
the personality, to go with a great voice!!!
Probably my fave singer of the concert!

Strutz Fest

Thursday and Friday we had Lulu all day (overnight
because she was going to be here Friday too!) the
reason she wasn't in day care is, she is covered in
SPOTS, no measles, not chickenpox, but a viral
type spot....anyhoo, she was covered from head to
toe, and I might add, kinda cranky too boot! :)

Jerry heard about Strutz Fest on the radio, and
thought we should go. They had quit having the
Huge 'Classic Rock Concert' up at the Bluegrass
Festival grounds in Darrington, because of a shoddy
festival planner. It left people with a bad taste
in their mouths about any kind of 'Classic Rock'
concert. So 'Strutz' a band from this area, decided
to put on a concert, they had it well planed to the
point when one of their headliner bands wasn't
playing and the next one was setting up...There was
a band playing in the beer garden until the headliner
band was set to go...so music was continuous!
The down side, there wasn't a lot of advertising
on Seattle stations, (probably because they advertised
for the last concert that bombed and they were actually
backers), so the crowd was very small. All the bands
stayed and watched each other , that was kind of cool!
We stayed until just after midnight and left as the last
set had about another hour to go...We'll see about
next year.