Monday, August 11, 2008

Forgetfulone tagged me for this quirky meme!

Here are the rules.
Mention six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details
about yourself. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them
know they've been tagged. If you participate, let the person
know who tagged you you've posted your quirks!


1. We shop at Costco, and when I buy lettuce I usually
check several packages, before I'm convinced that
the expiration dates are usually all the same...

2. I have to have my toilet paper go 'over' the top...
if I ever find it going under, I'd have to change it...
(I've only changed it at one persons house) Diane, aren't
you glad we don't live next door to one another, hehe!?!?!?

3. This one is pretty neurotic...I work at a school and in
our classroom we have two colors of chairs, I make sure
every morning that all the student chairs are the same color...
and I take the other ones and put them at the computers,
reading tables, etc. The room looks messy to me otherwise!

4. When I buy something, (other than food) I never take
the front box.

5. I hate sitting in a room with my back towards the door.

6. You're going to think I'm nuts...but, I have lunch
with the same work friends everyday, and we all sit
in the same spots, sometimes we have a guest teacher,
(sub) and if they happen to sit in my usual chair, it
kind of throws me off...I would never ask them to move,
however, one of my work buds has nicely told the person
they were in my spot...

I tag the following people:

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forgetfulone said...

We'd make great neighbors! Our TP rolls could be like magnets. I'm glad you did this meme. I really enjoyed your answers!

Randi said...

Give me a few days and I'll get to it! :) Thanks for thinking of me!