Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why I love a good old fashion Farmers Market

13.) I'm so tired, I just realized I did the list upside down...darn! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO # 1!!! This is it! Pretty as a picture!
12.) See the lilies? I chose one with lots of lilies, for their fragrance!

11.) Can you just imagine the aroma? Just beautiful! I chose one of these!

10.) With so many flower was hard to choose...

9.) And the main reason I went to the farmers market favorite thing...FLOWERS

8.) Some people came quite far to sell their bounty~

7.) and more incredible veggies~

6.) Prize winning beets!
5.) and more berries...flat after flat, Yummmmm~

4.) Gorgeous berries and beautiful people!

3.) Farm fresh produce!

2.) Beautiful booths full of handmade and locally grown products.

1.) Crowds of people looking at all the booths.


Zenmomma said...

I love the Farmer's Market too!

Soul Pockets said...

I will be going to my first farmers market this weekend. Your post makes me want to go now!


Joyce said...

Hi, Debbie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. What a beautiful Farmer's Market you have there!

I'm excited to see all your interest in being eco-friendly, too. We have been reusing and recycling since way before it was popular, and our two high school age daughters are really into the whole matter of being responsible stewards of the earth's resources. :)

Glad to meet you this Thursday 13.

Dawn said...

The flowers are gorgeous! I love Farmer's Markets too, but my main reason is simply the local factor.

SandyCarlson said...

No reason not to love that market! What a gorgeous post.