Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Huge thankYOU to JEN, for doing our( Pattie & my) ad
for Craigs List !!! I tried to do it and found out that
(which I already knew), I don't talk html. Sooo, Jen
to the rescue, and we have a fantastic ad!
Check it out! Pictures and everything! WooHoo!

Another fantastic thing that happened today was one
of my very favorite past students came to visit me today!
His Grandma brought him over as a surprise for me and
him too! Love that boy, made my day! WooHoo!

My creepy crawly painful stuff (shingles), seemed way
better today than yesterday....WooHoo!

...and I'm venturing into a new creative adventure!!!
a lot of my treasures arrived today!!! WooHoo!

I really feel blessed and today seemed to be a crazy
busy day, where in quiet , simple ways ...I feel so
very lucky...and thankful for friends and family,
especially for Devon, I love YOU son!!!

Ps... Special prayers and positive thoughts
to Larry's fast and total recovery and for
Sandy, we know how hard this is on her
and wish her all the love, strength, (rest)&
((((((hugs))))))) that she'll need to get
through this scary time with our
Uncle!!! Love to you both!


Pat and Allison Punteney said...

We'll? How was the big sale?

Debbie~ said...

Almost $3,000, but it was mostly Pattie's stuff. It was so much fun though, we met a lot of her neighbors and of course the usual dealers, in fact we got to know one quite well, he came back 5 times!!! I wish we would have taken a picture when we finally had it all set up, and when it was over! We couldn't believe how much sold and how empty it was!!!