Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strutz Fest

Thursday and Friday we had Lulu all day (overnight
because she was going to be here Friday too!) the
reason she wasn't in day care is, she is covered in
SPOTS, no measles, not chickenpox, but a viral
type spot....anyhoo, she was covered from head to
toe, and I might add, kinda cranky too boot! :)

Jerry heard about Strutz Fest on the radio, and
thought we should go. They had quit having the
Huge 'Classic Rock Concert' up at the Bluegrass
Festival grounds in Darrington, because of a shoddy
festival planner. It left people with a bad taste
in their mouths about any kind of 'Classic Rock'
concert. So 'Strutz' a band from this area, decided
to put on a concert, they had it well planed to the
point when one of their headliner bands wasn't
playing and the next one was setting up...There was
a band playing in the beer garden until the headliner
band was set to music was continuous!
The down side, there wasn't a lot of advertising
on Seattle stations, (probably because they advertised
for the last concert that bombed and they were actually
backers), so the crowd was very small. All the bands
stayed and watched each other , that was kind of cool!
We stayed until just after midnight and left as the last
set had about another hour to go...We'll see about
next year.

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