Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still trying to Simplify~

I'm really trying to get getting rid of stuff, my friend
Pattie and I are having a garage sale (at her house,
this is her first)! She's really digging in and getting
rid of things!!! I'm very proud of her! I got rid of a
lot of my antique hoard a couple of years ago, but
still have a lot to go through and get rid of. I'm
taking lots to the thrift store too.

We're still trying to decide if the TV, is moving into
the living room and my craft room will share with
the gym. I guess we could call it the 'Sweat Shop'...
ok, maybe it would be nicer to call it the 'Work Room'...
What ever it's called, I still have to make a decision
what I want to do.

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