Sunday, August 17, 2008

~~~~Positive Thoughts~~~~

We went to the Farmers Market today and enjoyed the
'Art Show' that was also there along the pier! Great
hands on booths for kids, and a lot of cool exhibits
were put on by different artists, for instance,
there were glass blowers, and lamp bead makers
showing how it was done. All very fun to watch.
A work friend, Joli, was there with her beautiful
jewelry (we had a nice visit)!
The only down side was, the high humidity,
and for some (dumb) reason I wore a poly blend
shirt...:( and about melted! I also have a health
issue going on, and the heat and humidity,
caused it to be terribly uncomfortable.

If any of you read my Fill In Friday post,
then you already saw, that I have the
misfortune to have got shingles, this
past week and it is a terribly painful
disease...The Dr. said I was lucky,
and I guess I am...I don't have them
on my face. I have them attatched to
my trunk nerves. On me it's actually
my right side, chest, shoulder, arm
to elbow, it's moving around to my back
now, but won't cross over my spine.
(They stay on the lines of nerves and
don't cross over!?!?! The other reason
the Doc said that I was lucky, is that
I figured out what it might be and
got in to him right away, so the treatment
was started, and we'll know if it'll work
by a weeks time...(fingers crossed).
For those of you old enough to remember,
Grandpa Razz was plagued with Shingles
and so I already have a 'horrid memory' of
how it was for him...
So send all your positive thoughts my way!!!
I sure hope I can beat this right away and not
have all the after postherpetic neuralgia
(dibilitating pain that can last for months or
even years after the actual shingles (rash) is gone...
The reason I thought I might have shingles,
was that I had terrible pain all day, my chest,
(boob), shoulder, arm, elbow, my back
itched terribly and felt like I'd
been burnt and sometimes I had jabbing
pain, but when I'd take my shirt,
nadda, not a darn thing to show for the pain.
I'd worked in the yard a couple of days before,
but this was NOT muscle pain, very different!
Finally, after the whole day of this, at bedtime
I saw two small blotches...and I started
thinking about it and remembered Grandpa
Razz having so much pain and the rash...
In bed the pain was really bad...and by
morning I had a rash and more blotches.

So, thats where I am right now...The Dr.
said, it'll get worse before it gets better,
but that we will know soon, if the meds
will work for me...

I start back to work soon, so I'm hoping
the worse will be over by then!!!

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