Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Fun on the Fourth of July!

~Cousins Bella & Lulu~

~Both December babies~

~Birthdays a week and a half apart~

Who knew they were both 'Wonder Women'
under their street clothes!

~the newest family member, Angelo~

Thank you Aunt Mary & Uncle Tom
for another glorious
4th. of July

We even have a Parade!

~the pirates~

Our family are 'ALWAYS' Pirates!

This is a neighborhood parade,
they block off the street
(there's only one way in
and out)!
an hour before it starts!

~more pirates~

~part of our gang~

Young and old are in the parade!

~there are floats~

~and there are boats~

~even a dragon~

~a couple of these~

~a cart without it's ponies~

~an Uncle Sam look alike~

~some peddlers~

~and the groupies~

Don't we all love a Parade?

YES we do, especially the
of Priest Point!

Thanks for visiting!

Always, Debbie~

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De tout, de rien said...

Looks like a hoot! What great memories for all, especially the little ones!