Monday, July 25, 2011

I Won Jennifer Hayslip's Giveaway!

Pinch me...

I won a wonderful giveaway,
hosted by Jennifer Hayslip!

Jenn was celebrating her blog,
Sweet Eye Candy's 4th. Birthday!

~source: Jennifer Hayslip~

I almost fell off my computer chair 
when I saw her message,
 that I'd won!

Read all about her giveaway here!

~Jennifer always has the cutest pictures
and the most incredible creations!
~source: Jennifer Hayslip~

You know that last week was a toughie
for me, losing my dear Uncle Tom.

So winning Jenn's giveaway,
was really uplifting
and gave me something
to look forward too!

I couldn't believe it when
we stopped off at home
after his memorial.

sitting on the porch,
was Jenn's box!!!

What a wonderful sight!
It couldn't have come
at a better time.

First I took out oodles & oodles of
pretty pink tissue paper,
~a sweet box of 'Eye Candy'~

It truly was like opening a party, in a box!
Ohhh how I love Birthday parties!
Especially 4th. Birthdays!

There was ice-cream...

~is this sweet baby Vivi~

~love this~


~adorable gift cards~

Yummy glittery cupcakes,
that is!

~Elephants, by two's~

~sweet button eyes~

Is he not the cutest?
...and he's a gift card!

~sooo cute~

~a darling birthday card~


A Glamour Girl Necklace!

It's beautiful
 and so much fun!

~Source: Jennifer Hayslip~

~such beautiful eye candy~

Wrapped up in this
beautiful rose fabric!

How exciting!

Oh I will enjoy all my 'Sweet Eye Candy'

I probably won't be able
to part with anything...
The adorable gift tags
might just be
cute to give away...

I feel so honored to have
something of Jenn's,
I've been in awe over
her creations for some time!

I can't say this enough,
Thank YOU Jenn,
from the bottom of my
heart, I love it all!

I'm going to link with
Cindy's blog
My Romantic Home
Show & Tell Friday
Beverly's blog
How Sweet the Sound
Pink Saturday!

Thanks for visiting
Don't forget to leave
a comment, they
make my day!

Always, Debbie~


Suzann said...

Hello Debbie
I love your giveaway that you won!!! You did good!!!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment :-)
Come by anytime
Enjoy your day!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

De tout, de rien said...

How wonderful! It came at such a good time, I'm glad it put a smile on your face, it was like getting happiness in a box!

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