Wednesday, October 1, 2008

thursday thirteen # 10 'Thirteen of the new items I have in my Etsy Shop!' (and more)

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1. This set is beautiful with it's Czech faceted glass, Swarovski
crystals, baubles and lockets ... and adorable matching

2. These Czech and Swarovski earrings dance with light!!!

3. These little fleur earrings are so sweet!
4. These earrings are bedazzled and full of charm!
5. These are so sweet, with little impish fairies and pearls!!!

6. My love of birds, shows on quite a bit of my jewelry!

7. These are just like the first pair of earrings I made
and gave to a friend, they remind me of honey!!!

8. These vintage buttons earrings are one of my faves,
(they remind me of white walled tires!)

9. This necklace is made with all natural stones and antiqued
brass, soaring with natural beauty!10. I call this my 'Autumn Bracelet', it's made with a vintage
chain & leaves, amoungst the baubles and beads!
11. This beauty is made up of vintage finds, I've written a
short love story about it in my Etsy shop!

12. This is so much fun, lots of baubles & beads added to a
vintage brass bracelet!

13. These are reserved for Maya, (Lisa ordered them for her
niece's B'day!)


Pat and Allison Punteney said...

Now I know why you have not been blogging, you've been busy making jewelry! That is awesome! I hop you are charging enough!


Cori's Stories said...

Everything is beautiful Aunt Debbie. I am proud of you for following you desires and making things you love.