Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I sold my mink stole on Ebay

I sold my vintage very cool mink on ebay.
I listed it about the time the bottom
fell out of everything, but I was okay with
the price, not overjoyed, but okay...
You never know how your auction will go,
and it's all a gamble, isn't it?
As it turns out, it has found a GREAT
NEW HOME, (I think it'll be resold), but
for now, I'm sitting here with a big ole
smile!!! I thought I'd share the note
I recieved from minky's new owner. I'd
sent her an email inquiring whether
or not she'd received it yet...

Here's her reply.......................
hello, yes i received the wrap. i put it on as soon as i got it! i was so happy to wear it i went grocery shopping. with nothing else on but the wrap. well that didnt go over well. someone called the police on me and filed a complaint citing cruel and unusual punishment. "no one should be exposed to bre--sts that look that bad". one of the arresting officers quit his job on the spot, and told me the last time he saw wrinkles like mine he was looking at a road map! hopefully the other officer will recover from the temporary blindness he suffered from seeing me naked. the grocery store owner decided not to press charges, and he was crying when he said me having to live with all of these wrinkles, and excess fat around my thighs is punshment enough and he gave me a symphathy card! so yes i got the wrap, but could you please reimburse me for the bail money i spent to get out of jail? lol lol lol. sincerely crystal

I laughed so hard and enjoyed her reply so much,
that it was well worth selling my minky to her
for the price I got, because as you can see, I
got so much more!!!


Randi said...

I have this coat here that I don't know why type of fur it is, but I know it is old......maybe you could help me figure it out someday??

Debbie~ said...

Anytime Randi! :)