Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sadly Summers Over~However, the beauty of fall is upon us!

I know some of you are thinking 'What Summer',
the weather was typical of what people believe the
greater Seattle area to be! I really have to say,
I enjoyed not having to water my lawn and it stayed

Now, lets talk slugs...I'm truly thinking we would be
a lot better off with just one hungry duckling!
Don't ya think? Seriously, our yard, sidewalk, patio,
GARDEN...are in bodied in some sort of slug/snail
slime! Some plants I've grown over and over summer
after summer, because I love them, well, this year,
they barely made it, and were not beautiful like
usual. They were slug & snail food. :(

Thank goodness fall is my favorite season!
It makes going back to school easier.

I love the leaves turning and the incredible
fall aroma's in the air! I hate the thought of
how much our propane will cost, because of
course I love to be snugly and warm , but
best of all, I love coming home from work and
sitting in front of my cozy warm fire with a cup
of coffee and a good magazine or book!

School...One of our kids moved over the summer.
We of course got several 6th. graders, and tomorrow
we get a new student(transferring from somewhere
else), this is the middle of the second week, so we
have made a few changes in schedules and pretty
much know who we have! Classes look good!
I'm doomed though...I pretty much know I'm
going to be heart broken at Christmas, because,
I'm going to be so attached to a little girl by then,
who will be moving. :(

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