Saturday, October 18, 2008

My EcoEtsy team is auctioning off a wonderful gift basket!

My Etsy team is having an auction!!! There were 60 of
us who donated to the basket that we're auctioning off!
Our team is "Ecoetsy", a like minded group of
people who are working together to reduce our carbon
Here's the link to all the info about the auction!

We all had idea's of where we wanted our money to go,
but in the end we decided to go with Check it out!!!
We're very excited about this and hope you take a minute
to check out what we're doing, and if you want to have some
fun, by all means go bid on our "Basket of Eco Goodies"!
You never know, you just may be high bidder and recieve
this awesome basket, (what a wonderful way to do your
Christmas gift buying!) You'd have a bunch of eco gifts
to give and your money would be going to a wonderful

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