Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Etsy Shop Name~

Some of you were saying my etsy name didn't seem
right for a jewelry shop, so I changed it to:
BeJeweled with Baubles, Buttons & Beads...
I even checked to make sure the is available...
and sure enough it is... well, I forgot Etsy sometimes
has other new name was quite a bit too
large for Etsy...guess you could say, too big for it's
britches!...So, to find me on Etsy just type in:
Drum Role please!!! BaublesButtonsBeads, thats it
in a nut shell, no flashy nuttin', but, I do think it's
got a little something to it!!! I still have to get
my %)*~#@% banner up, I made one
I really like, but for some reason, it won't load...
something wrong somewhere!

I'm still keeping, I have
an idea for it too! But for now, you'll find me working
on my jewelry and listing it in my brand spanking 'NEW'
" BaublesButtonsBeads" Shop!!! Until next time...Peace~

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