Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking a Nana Break!

Going through some pictures, I
found a few favorites
from the
last few months.

Of Our
Grand kiddos!

You know how we Nana's
Braggers every ONE!!!

Yes, we are!

I'm pretty sure we actually
have braggers rights! :)

Here's one of Lulu at my
Dad's 80th. Birthday party,
she's a little peeved because
Sportz our dog, is hot
on her trail, hoping she'll
feel pity on him, and feed her
the two meat balls and chocolate
chip cookie she has on her plate!

~too stinkin' cute~

~Audreys Princess cake for her 5th. Birthday~

~our little monkeys~

Trevor & Lulu were taking turns riding
and pushing
each other around, he has his monkey
mask up on his head, but earlier
they both were wearing
monkey masks...

Laughing hysterically!


~plumb tuckered out~

Sweet Dreams Trev!

~Our snow bunny Audrey~

Doesn't it look like she has a winter crown
on her head?

Loving those adorable pink cheeks!

~Audrey checking out Lulu's Birthday cake~

I think she's planning what kind of birthday cake
she'll be asking Nana for!

~Audrey hugging Santa~

This was very special, Lulu & Trevor had
both sat on Santa's lap, but Audrey was
a little apprehensive,
but finally,
she ran up and gave Santa a

~sitting in Grandpa's chair~

They were having a blast sitting in
Grandpa's chair watching a movie!

~The guys~

Trevor waiting patiently while Grandpa
raises his training wheels!

~baby Angelo~

~Mama spiked his hair~
(He'd just had his first haircut) lie

This little one, is such a joy.

A happy go lucky little guy,
loooves laughing
at his big sissy

Thanks so much for visiting my blog,
 I really appreciate it, and 
looove all of your
Don't forget to follow!

Always, Debbie~


De tout, de rien said...

Oh, how sweet are they all! They melt your heart I'm sure! I particularly love the picture of your granddaughter blowing out her candles with the other two looking on with such glee on their little faces! A frameworthy pic!

Lucky Nana!

jojo said...

so stinkin' cute! Grand...every single one of them. Have fun!!

A Cottage Muse said...

How cute! Thanks for the smiles this morning!!

NanaDiana said...

Debbie-They are just addorable! There is nothing more fun than watching the interaction between brothers & sisters playing together! Your grands are really, really cute! xo Diana