Thursday, August 19, 2010

What, No Cupcakes?

Always something...
We need a new kitchen stove, ours is very old
and the oven finally gave out...
We live in an older home,
(no, not a beautiful older home)
a small, late 60's model rambler,
not a cute 50's style cottage!

Here's the 1st. dilemma

It has the drop in range style
(so popular back then),
and it looks to me
that our opening is just a smig
too small
for a


drop-ins are two to three times
more expensive...
there's less stove???
Without a total revamp of our
cupboards, for just half an inch...
(Who says SIZE doesn't matter)?
I may be stuck with the exuberant
price, just because of the
Then the added problem
of having regular old fashioned
burners (no gas here),
if I order a pretty stainless steel stove
it comes with either a white or black
enamel top, are you kidding ugly!
Most stoves come with glass tops,
Dilemma #2
I've cooked with the old iron pans
all of my life, is it time to give them
to my favorite thrift store and
get new pans?
The glass top range looks
nicer than the ugly black or white
enamel that comes with the
plain coil burner stoves...

What to do, What to do???

I can't even find a good picture to share
with you, none with the ugly white enamel
top and this one makes it look like the black
enamel fits in, but in real life I haven't found
one with all the black to make it look like it
For one thing, I'd never have the
burner controls on the front, we have
too many little grand kiddos that
would find them way too much fun.
The other thing,
I haven't found a stove
like this picture, with all the black edging,
 which really does tie the
black enamel top in better...

Glass top ranges really do look nicer
than the enamel top coil burner stoves!

Thanks for letting me vent!

Always, Debbie~


NanaDiana said...

Hi Debbie- We had that in one of our houses too. I don't know if this will work for you but it might be worth checking. Our old drop in range was only about an inch smaller than a regular new one. We were able to shave down the countertop (which was the real problem)and sealed the edges with paint & poly. Next we just cut out the bottom part of the cabinet (that was under the stove and to the floor). We were able to do that part ourselves. Once we had the range lifted out we could see where that bottom part was just screwed in on each side (it had a drawer in it that came out too). Then we simply pushed the new stove into place. I put a smooth top in and loved it. Like I said-don't know if this will help or not..but it might be almost as cheap to have someone cut the cabinet down for what you would save on a drop-in range. Good luck-let us know! Diana

Prior said...

Sorry, I have a gas 5 burner stove, Frigidare with commercial looking handles...It has a black top with the rest stainless, We thought it wouldn't fit either, but we shaved the counter top just a little, we have formica. good luck, Lezlee

Debbie~ said...

Thanks Diana & Lezlee, I'm thinking we may be able to do something like that too, I'm going to run back up to the store and see how much bigger the stove I want really is! I'll let you know how it goes...xo Debbie~

Anonymous said...

This reminds me a lot of my sister's little house...she has such a little stove too! We were at an antique store this past weekend and saw a vintage apartment size stove that she fell in love with!

I will send her a link to your blog as I KNOW it is something she will definitely enjoy!

Her blog is

Have a great day, and good luck!

Mrs. McB at

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