Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vintage Trailer Envy

Have I told you that I've been
looking for a small trailer?
I've been looking for awhile.

My trailer wish list:

  • vintage 

  • between 10-16 ft.

  • really good shape,

  • bathroom's optional,

  • room  for a porta potty's a MUST!

 Honestly, I'd be okay with some water stains,
but not water damage ie. dry rot. Am I asking
for too much? Okay, maybe not you say,
 Oh and I want it for a SONG too! I asking too much now?

Do you know how many girls are
looking for the same thing? Oh lots & lots!

I want mine for multiple uses...I'd love to be able
to travel to some of the awesome antique venue's
around our state and maybe a little farther.
Have you heard of 'Sisters On The Fly'?
Yes, I'm a SOTF wanna be! I'm going
to go ahead and join even without my
sweet little canned ham!

Funny thing is, we bought a cute little 16 ft.
trailer fully self contained a couple of weeks ago.
Although it's not new and is quite a few years
old, it isn't the little vintage trailer of my dreams!
It's wonderful though and I'm having fun
decorating it a little.
You see, it really is my McGiver's
'hunting cabin' his MAN CAVE ya might say.
It'll be ever so much fun to go camping in too!
I've put some of his hunting stuff in it and have
plans to make some new curtains too. Antler
handles for all the cupboard doors & drawers
have been ordered! It will be such a fun little
cabin on wheels for us!

Fast forward to yesterday...

I went to Cabela's yesterday to meet up
with a friend, who just
happened to join SOTF a few weeks
ago, they were invited by Cabela's to
bring their trailers to the NEW STORE
in Lacey WA. for an all weekend camp out!
They arranged all the girls trailers in somewhat of
a circle off one side of the main entrance with
all the girls chairs circled around a cute fire pit area!
 'The Sisters' enjoyed showing off their
trailers and it was a treat
for everyone,
of all ages!
I had sooo much fun visiting with them
and hope to be included in Cabela's
camp out next summer!
Here are a few pictures of
some of their beautiful trailers
and I have to say, my friend Pattie
16 Ft. Rod & Reel trailer
you'd ever want to see
decorated to the nines!
I'll show you hers on another post!

Love this yellow color and design!
Beautiful upholstery and fabulous decor!
and this one, I love the little drop leaf table!
...and this one painted, how sweet!
Love the curtains in this vintage sweetie!
Cowhide for this cowgirl!
Denim shirt curtains, so darn cute!
Oh, they don't just decorate the inside...Heck NO!
Yes, she does drive a Harley...I believe she was
wearing those boots yesterday too!
A lot of Cowgirls at this event!
The Queen was even there!
What a fun group of gals!
I can hardly wait!
Do you have the same idea?
You know I looove all of your
comments, I'll be waiting to
hear from YOU!
Always, Debbie~


NanaDiana said...

Hi Debbie-I am so glad that I signed up as a follwer because otherwise I would have probably missed your post tonight! What fun those things look to be! We have been looking for an older "camper" too.I was thinking a little drag-behind sort of tin can too. So- I was excited to see your HAVE to pop over to my blog today ( don't have to but you might want the laugh) and see what MyHero found for US! You think your Man Cave is bad? Wait til you see this baby! I do think (if we get it) it will be fun...maybe...hmmm...yeah...maybe... How do YOU feel about burnt orange? Diana

awal.ny said...

I love those trailers. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun.

Bettsi said...

Ohmygoodness! Yes, that looks so fun! Maybe some day I'll see you on the open road waving from your little rig!

Plus Size Bride said...

I have loved those and teardrops for years. I even had the plans to make my own teardrop then we found one for sale. Best purchase we ever made!
Now we want something a little bigger so we started looking on craigslist. We bought one for $500 that looked kinda rough. When we got there it was REALLY ROUGH but we figured it would be a good project for rebuilding one. The guy had another trailer under a tarp so we asked him about it too. He didn't like the frame on it so he gave it to us for free.
I love free! Ok, well almost free. We had to buy two new tires since the old ones were shot.