Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HomeGoods StyleScope Quiz for the Home Decorator in all of us!

Have you ever wondered what style YOU really are? I know
what I love (and want), but I've never tested my sensability
of decorating with the professionals!

I went to HomeGoods Styles and took their quiz and found
out that I'm a 'Country Classic'!!! For a lot of fun go check
out your style, they'll give you some fabulous tips you may
or may not have already thought about, it really is easy, fast
and fun and FREE! If for no other reason than to build your
confidence while expressing yourself with your own decorating
style! Go see for yourself!

HomeStyle Quiz

HomeGoods has some great deals. Go check out their
departments and gift ideas, they may have just the item you've
been looking for!

Come back and share what your decorating style is!

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