Saturday, January 9, 2010

Changes in the Wind~

I've had this blog for family & friends, I usually just
post pictures of what's going on in our lives that
I like to share, but I realized I may be the only one
seeing them??? Family & friends are too busy these days to
check a blog and a lot of people prefer just gabbing
on face book, so I've decided to have this space as my blogging
spot for whomever would like to check in... I'll still post
some of my family pics here, but mostly I'll have them on
drop shots for family!


I have a lot of changes going on in my home too, so I
think this will be a wonderful place to share ideas, some
how to's and of course a lot of cottage finds!

Please leave a message now and then so I know I have
readers, I would very much enjoy hearing from YOU!


Mem said...

Oh Miss Hann I love your blog! This is SO you and so lovely! I'm most excited because I have found where you post all of your dirty little secrets...☺ By the way, I have not been to town this week. It has been too cold so I haven't sent your bowl yet. I have to work 4 days next week so I will be forced to go to town so you will get your bowl but only because the need for food and shelter is forcing me out of my P.J.'s ☺

Big Hugs and I'll be back later to look this place over...gonna need some dirt...on someone...anyone. ☺
♥ Mem

Debbie~ said...

Hugs Memsie, Hey, since I talked to you the other day we had Lulu here cause her folks were so sick and that night, she got the flu and was sick. sick. sick. poor baby, and I was up all night with her thennnnn....yup, you guessed it, I got it, I started feeling it the minute I got home from work Thurs. so I'm still recouperating, it was terrible, I'll spare you all the nasty little details!!!

Mem said...

Awe so sorry to hear that y'all are so sick. At least now Devon won't feel so all alone. ☺ I hope all of you get to feeling better quickly. I hate being sick and feel for y'all.

Big hugs and stay warm, eat lot's of chicken soup and don't forget the charcoal capsules. It makes a lot of difference.

♥ Mem