Monday, January 18, 2010

Highlights of a Blessed Year!

My son & daughter-in-law's beautiful garden

Truly a lovely Garden Wedding on a perfect Pacific Northwest day
for this beautiful family!!!

Yeah, I got a new car, (my first NEW car) not just any car,
but my dream car, my little 'White Prius' that I've named
'Pearl', don't you think that's a perfect name for someone
that makes jewelry??? I do! :)

I taught myself how to make jewelry by using beautiful
vintage jewelry, buttons & baubles I'd been collecting
for years, just waiting for a perfect time in my life to
create something with all my treasures and that time
has finally came! I love it! I even taught myself how
to solder, I'll share that with you later!

Goin' Green was never so beautiful! Reduce~Reuse~Recycle

I looove repurposing my vintage buttons with vintage
jewelry into my wearable art!

I adore vintage 'moon glow beads'!

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