Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dyeing To Be PINK!

You all know how I feel about

But I also looove

I think almost
anything looks
adorable in

there are some things, that should
just be left alone...
(Am I overreacting)?

Do you agree

I will admit, they're cute.

Of course they're

They're Baby Chicks!

~image TravelPod~

Eggs that have been injected with
dye, doesn't sound healthy.

They lose the color when they shed
their baby down, and get their
juvenile feathers, in about two weeks!

I wonder if later on, 
 these chicks could be where we
get our eggs from?
(a little more than food for thought)!

It just doesn't seem right,
How do you feel about this

~image Artism and All That~


I can't quit looking at them!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It'll Warm Your Heart, Come Pay It Forward!

Pay It Forward 2011

~Borrowed from jojo~

Jojo a blogger friend of mine
is having 'Spring Fling Part Two'
on her blog,
Paying It Forward!

With all the sadness in the world
right now, it's so easy to get overwhelmed
and forget that a simple gesture
can mean so much. 

So reach out
touch someone!

With this in mind,
I've decided to join in
and Pay It Forward myself;
 I'm reaching out to YOU,
hoping you'd like to do the same!
The first five people who comment
on this blog post
 will receive a handmade gift from me.
(let me know if you want to participate).

In return, you must FIRST
write a blog post explaining
Pay It Forward 2011.
Then.... send out a handmade gift
to the first 5 visitors who leave
a comment on your post.
Take your time...
you don't need to send them all today
or tomorrow.

This is such a sweet way to connect
with friends or meet new ones,
by sharing things we create with our hearts.

"It's not the size of the gift that matters,
but the spiritof paying it forward."
(borrowed from jojo)!

I'm also linking up with
Cindy's blog, 'My Romantic Home'
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'The Shabby Nest'
Frugal Friday!

I hope you 'ALL' decide to
Pay It Forward in one way
or another, but also I encourage
you to go visit Cindy's Participants,
they're a wonderful group of bloggers!

I appreciate that many of you take a
moment out of your busy schedules
to leave me a comment, you have
no idea how happy it makes me! 

Thank YOU from the bottom
of my heart!
Also, I'd looove it if you'd

Always, Debbie~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Collecting and Decorating in Miniture, for Our Grandkiddos!

A few weeks ago I was visiting one of my
favorite thrift stores looking at toys
for my Grandkiddos, and I happen
to notice a large bag of what appeared
to be doll furniture! After a better
look, I realized it was all Fisher Price
and in really wonderful shape,
so I decided to get it...

I brought it home and arranged it all
over my coffee table, I really had
fun with it...and knew it was
going to be a HUGE hit with
my grandkiddos!

~all for $5.99~

Last weekend Lulu came over
for a sleep over, it was the first time
she'd seen it, and she couldn't keep
her hands off it...I had as much fun
watching her play with it, as she

That night when she was sleeping,
I decided to start checking Ebay & Craigs List
for a doll house!
I found several Fisher Price doll houses,
on Ebay, they were terribly expensive,
and some had horrid shipping prices
 tacked on too!

So I ran over to Craigs list, and found one
that also had some pieces of furniture too, for
only $35. which seemed like a bargin
compared to Ebay's bidding. It wasn't
terribly far away, so I thought I'd go
check it out. But I got busy, and when I
checked later,
it was

In the morning, Lulu and I went
to the thrift stores looking for a
 swing for her baby brother,
although we didn't find a swing,
we did manage to find a few more
pieces of doll house furniture
to add to our collection!

~all for $6.99~

...and I also found more of the Price Family!

~Gotta love the twin girls, Grandma's sister & a little brother~

On Monday I found another dollhouse
on Craigs list for $20,
and it was fairly close, so I
was going to arrange to meet, but after
work, I stopped by the
Goodie (Goodwill) and sitting
on the floor was a FABULOUS
Fisher Price doll house!!!


I couldn't get it into my
cart fast enough!

I looove a wonderful deal, and
I especially looove making my
Grandkiddos smile, so this
totally made my day!


~This little Pink & Yellow cottage will make Huge Smiles~

I'm going to share this fabulous
Nana find, over at Cindy's Blog
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hurry Spring, I Miss You!

Hurry Spring,
I miss YOU!!!

...or is it a bad case

Spring Fever?!

I can hardly wait for my yard to
start looking like Spring
is really here!


We've had sooo much
rain in the
Pacific Northwest



It snowed,

and when
it melted.

little primroses
look like they
just gave up...

So I've decided to join
Marty's Cloche Party
at her blog

'A Stroll Thru Life'
and bring a little
into my home!

~little brown rabbit wants Spring to arrive too~

I looove these purple tulips,

I won them
as a door prize
at my Bunco Party
on Tuesday!!!
(Thank YOU Pam)!

Don't cha just looove PINK?!?

~little pink chick~

I added some baubles to the
lacey under edge of the
cloche for a little
added whimsy!

I just found this delightful
pink chick at the Goody,
isn't she adorable?!?

I think she's just perfect
Beverly's blog
'How Sweet The Sound'!

~I may keep these baubles on my wee cloche~

Please go visit as many of the
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