Thursday, March 17, 2011

Collecting and Decorating in Miniture, for Our Grandkiddos!

A few weeks ago I was visiting one of my
favorite thrift stores looking at toys
for my Grandkiddos, and I happen
to notice a large bag of what appeared
to be doll furniture! After a better
look, I realized it was all Fisher Price
and in really wonderful shape,
so I decided to get it...

I brought it home and arranged it all
over my coffee table, I really had
fun with it...and knew it was
going to be a HUGE hit with
my grandkiddos!

~all for $5.99~

Last weekend Lulu came over
for a sleep over, it was the first time
she'd seen it, and she couldn't keep
her hands off it...I had as much fun
watching her play with it, as she

That night when she was sleeping,
I decided to start checking Ebay & Craigs List
for a doll house!
I found several Fisher Price doll houses,
on Ebay, they were terribly expensive,
and some had horrid shipping prices
 tacked on too!

So I ran over to Craigs list, and found one
that also had some pieces of furniture too, for
only $35. which seemed like a bargin
compared to Ebay's bidding. It wasn't
terribly far away, so I thought I'd go
check it out. But I got busy, and when I
checked later,
it was

In the morning, Lulu and I went
to the thrift stores looking for a
 swing for her baby brother,
although we didn't find a swing,
we did manage to find a few more
pieces of doll house furniture
to add to our collection!

~all for $6.99~

...and I also found more of the Price Family!

~Gotta love the twin girls, Grandma's sister & a little brother~

On Monday I found another dollhouse
on Craigs list for $20,
and it was fairly close, so I
was going to arrange to meet, but after
work, I stopped by the
Goodie (Goodwill) and sitting
on the floor was a FABULOUS
Fisher Price doll house!!!


I couldn't get it into my
cart fast enough!

I looove a wonderful deal, and
I especially looove making my
Grandkiddos smile, so this
totally made my day!


~This little Pink & Yellow cottage will make Huge Smiles~

I'm going to share this fabulous
Nana find, over at Cindy's Blog
'My Romantic Home'

Beverly's blog
Pink Saturday
Be sure and go visit as many
of these CrEaTiVe folks
that you can, they're always
up to fabulous things!


Thanks so much for visiting,
 and I want you to know, I looove
reading your comments, they
make my day!

Always, Debbie~



Susan said...

Oh wow, that was a great find. That dollhouse looks awesome. I imagine the grandkids are ecstatic. Great job! Susan

De tout, de rien said...

Hours of fun! Thrifting is definitely the way to go for kids' toys, they're so expensive & second hand ones often look brand new.

jojo said...

That dollhouse is so stinkin' cute...what a great find, and the timing was perfect! Way to go grandma...
I got to spend three glorious hours babysitting my little dumpling a few days ago and I'm still smiling about it!
take care Deb and come by to enter my Spring-fling giveaway..;j

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

How fun this post is!! Everything.......simply adorable!!

My Friday's Link:
My Handmade Lighthouse Dolphin Shelf

I do hope you'll find time to stop by for a visit with me. Have a super weekend!!!

Rose H (UK) said...

Dunno about making your grand children smile - if I'd found them it would make my day! Your grand children will remember them and all the fun playing with them for many, many years :o)

The Mamma Bear said...

So much fun! What a great find.

pinkkandy said...

Its another Pink Saturday.....I am always amazed at ALL the pink stuff...we come up with....stop by and see what everyone is doing this week-end!
God Bless you!

Cozy Home Scenes said...

Does grandma sneak to play with the dollhouse too? If it were me, I would! I have only have a few toys from my childhood, but I do have my doll house and most of the furniture that was with it. I'm sure your grandkids will have many wonderful memories of their doll house just like I do mine.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh this is just adorable!! How lucky you found all this great stuff. I want to come over and play with it all too! lol Happy PS!


Victoria said...

Oh how cute that is and what a great price on everything! That would've entertained me for hours when I was fact, even now it would:)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I just love your sweet doll house furniture!

Last Monday I did a tutorial on a pink party favor which you might enjoy.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

OMG!!! What fantastic finds! I LOVE the furniture and the doll house is just magnificent!!
Do you know I have a Victorian doll house of my own?? I have a link to a photo album of it on my sidebar if you are interested.



Olivia said...

Oh my goodness this is darling!

cottonfieldfarm said...

Oh Debbi, you are one smart shopper! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog:) We share so much! My favorite saying (words of wisdom) is also, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without." Someting I grew up with from WW2 parents and it seems like sound advice. Take care and God bless.

Judi said...

What a great find! It was meant to be that you lost out on the Craig's list dollhouse items. You got so many of them. I bet you had fun..*s*..and the grandkids will too.
hope you are having a great day today too