Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dyeing To Be PINK!

You all know how I feel about

But I also looove

I think almost
anything looks
adorable in

there are some things, that should
just be left alone...
(Am I overreacting)?

Do you agree

I will admit, they're cute.

Of course they're

They're Baby Chicks!

~image TravelPod~

Eggs that have been injected with
dye, doesn't sound healthy.

They lose the color when they shed
their baby down, and get their
juvenile feathers, in about two weeks!

I wonder if later on, 
 these chicks could be where we
get our eggs from?
(a little more than food for thought)!

It just doesn't seem right,
How do you feel about this

~image Artism and All That~


I can't quit looking at them!

Please leave a comment, I really
to know what YOU think.

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Always, Debbie~


sissie said...

Hi Debbie,
I think it's awful that these chicks were dyed colors, cute yes, but inhumane. At first I thought they were toy chicks, but I see they are real. This should be outlawed. It's hard to tell what it does to the chicken and the eggs.


Crystal said...

Awww, that's terrible!!! It seems so cruel....they are just babies and being injected with WHAT??? Who knows!!!! I don't like this at all!!!

Vintage Gal said...

that awful ~ I don't agree with this practice at all. What does the dye do to these cute little peeps.

De tout, de rien said...

Nope, nope, nope! That should be outlawed indeed. And then who buys them? Parents as an Easter treat for their kids? The kids mishandle them, the poor things must be so scared. And what becomes of these poor things when they grow and they're not so cute?

NanE said...

I thought this practice had been outlawed years ago, maybe not? I remember having colored by chicks when I was a child. We would go to the five and dime, where they had them in a HUGE box with a heat lamp hanging overhead. They were all peeping away. We would pick out the one we wanted, (I think I always picked PINK or turquoise)carry them home to have our Mom throw a complete fit! We would keep them till they got big then take them to our Uncle's farm. This was back in the early 60's but I have not seen any dyed chicks in forever. It really is an inhumane practice and I'm really surprised to see they are still doing it. BUT, boy your picture sure brought back some happy childhood memories. Have a great weekend, Nan

Robyn said...

This is just SAD! Especially when they could do the same thing with the photo with photoshop. I think the photo is adorable and the chicks are just are cute beyond belief however at what cost are they doing this. The poor little babies! This in now way can be safe for them!

nato said...

I think they spray them. They do this also in my country for easter. I stopped buying them for the children. Only the ones that are not colored. I f everybody do this. I think they will not color them anymore.


Connie said...

Why on earth would you want to change the color of a yellow baby chick- or black or any God given color? This should be outlawed. It can't possibly be healthy for chick or child.

Simply Debbie said...

I thought this process had been outlawed....what is it about our society that doesn't think a natural yellow chickie is not cute enough in the way God created it.Why run the risk of destroying one of God's creatures just because they think colors are pretty. Since my only daughter started out with cancer at 10 1/2 and went home to Jesus at 33 years old...we are trying to eliminate all dyes, watch for anything that has formalgahyde (I am sure that is spelled wrong), organic pesticides verses dursban, or the toxic sprays that you have to keep your dog and cat out of the yard for 24-48 hours...yes I believe this world is self destructing both morality wise and just littering alone...I think people are much better about recycling.
I signed up to be your friend/follower and I hope you will become my friend/follower.
I look forward to reading many more of your posts.
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

~~Carol~~ said...

I never heard of this before! They sure are so gosh darn cute, but I don't agree with messing with Mother Nature. Do they sell these chicks then? I've heard of parents buying their children chicks for Easter, and then when they're not so cute anymore, they end up God knows where. This was a great post, and I'm sure you're going to get alot of people thinking!
Happy PS!

Jean Hart said...

Oh My My My Why Why Why!!! No I don't think it's right. Just because we can that doesn't mean we should.
great Post.
Stop by for a visit.

NanaDiana said...

Well, as a child I used to love to get the colored chicks for Easter..what a treat it was...and then their feathers grew out and they got their real colors. My understanding was always that they used food coloring and that it was completely harmless...but who knows? I guess my thought is that if God wanted a pink chick he would have made one! A post that is "food for thought" indeed~ xxoo Diana

pinkkandy said...

Makes me think of the days of being a child...poor chicks
Happy Pink fun to join in all the Pinkness...I pray for God to bless each one of you peace and strength...enjoy the day!

jojo said...


Jori said...

Poor babies, I don't they should be dyeing them.

Happy Pink Saturday! I am your latest follower!

Deanna said...

Hi Debbie,
the poor little critters! Yes, they are adorable but even if they just stayed yellow they would still be adorable. Who are these people to think of doing this to them?

We should just let the Just Born Confection people be the only one's allowed to color chicks, marshmallow chicks...and make them into Peeps!

Deanna :D