Thursday, April 29, 2010

From Living Color to Beautiful WHITE!

I've forever loved the cottage look, and always
collected vintage items to decorate my
home with. 


I lived it with
lots and lots
of color
at least in my kitschy kitchen and dining room! They
were true to my boomer beginning and very
50's  with bright and beautiful color!

But that was then...

This was taken during the time when my chandy was
being put up and part of  the ceiling had to be replaced, plastic
was draped over most of the dining room...

I had a huge fruit motif going on with chalk ware in
my dining room as well as lining my kitchen (I'll share
the kitchen another time, it still 'In Living Color'
BRIGHT yellow with lots of
fabulous 50's chalk ware...
my little English cupboard has gone through
some major changes, losing the fruit I painted
on it's doors many years ago. I looove it's
new look in dreamy sweet WHITE!


this is now...

Please tell me what YOU think!?!

I must confess, I've saved all my colorful Pyrex for
summer parties to be used with all my bright
50's tablecloths.


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Sunday, April 25, 2010



      Today we went shopping for our tomato and bedding plants,
   the store we like to go to was bustling with plant lovers
doing the same thing we were! My MacGiver got several
varieties of tomato plants, my fave being the little patio variety
that get eaten right off the plant as often, if not more often,
than in salads!

I chose my old standbys, inpatients for the window boxes
(too much shade for anything else), and yep they're planted and
 ready to brighten the front of our little cottage right up!

(excuse the neighbor's motor home)
~sweet pink & white this year~

~this is what they'll look like in August, only this year they'll have some white too~

I still have so much weeding to do, but it'll just have to wait, until I
get around-to-it, as well as getting my bedding plants in the ground! 

My MacGiver's out mowing and I have laundry going and
need to get busy folding what's already done and get a salad
made for the elk steak that my hunter guy is going to grill.

I want to thank all of you for following me,
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for each and everyone of YOU! It's a wonderful feeling to
know that I actually have someone reading this and I looove that
I'm getting to know some of you as my regular blogging friends!
I used this blog mainly to show pictures of what was going on in our
lives for family and friends, but I realized everyone was so busy
with their lives that nobody seemed to be visiting it, so in
the middleof January, I decided to change it to something
I really enjoy...

Cottage Living,
decorating, collecting, crafting and sharing with like folks
and finding inspiration in all of
your blogs!

 You're all fabulous and have inspired me
beyond belief!

This weekends coming to an end so quickly, I can't believe how
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Thanks again everyone, you're the greatest!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Living Small, Alas my Humble Cozy Cottage!

I know I've told you I live in a very small home, it's
been a challenge most of the time, for a couple of reason's.
One, we don't have a garage, who in their right minds can
live without a garage or huge barn for that matter??! Not
me, so it seems...

I loved having my small single garage as a
family room as my son grew up, it was nice to have him
and his friends out from under foot in our humble abode,


I realize now, as time's gone on and my looove for
stuff has grown, it sure would be nice to have a garage
for storage and a work area for painting projects during
the winter etc. Our dining table has been totally covered
at various times throughout the years with many Christmas
projects being sanded, painted and not to mention
my MacGivers hunting projects, like repainting duck decoys
because they didn't look enough like the real thing, or 
cutting his kidding! 

Our humble cottage is small, but it is 'Home Sweet Home',
and really, there is 'No Place Like Home' is there?

I yearn for the clean, uncluttered look and freedom it offers, but
I'm not there yet, I'm working towards that clean white dream!

I work hard finding creative storage space,


in truth, are they really CrEaTiVe HiDiNg SpAcEs?!

So why am I sharing all of this with you my dear blogger friends?
Because I do want to share, really I do, but
I'm having a hard time because my
humble little cottage is not perfect,
not even near perfect, but after talking
to some of you, I understand I'm not the
only one, who worries about sharing their space because
they're still a work in progress...


Even though it's not the way I want it to be,
it's my unique space and it's still under going it's
metamorphosis and in time, will be
my perfect little cottage.
to me anyway...

I've been putting off showing you my chandelier
because of my unsightly 80's shelves that line
my dining room, but I've decided after so many
of you told me to go ahead and reveal
the stinking truth outdated shelves, to 'just do it'!

~glimpse of chandelier bottom~

Looove it!

unsightly pantry door...

A white wood trimmed slider would be nice! :)

~new seat cushions are on my to-do list~

~little corner cupboard~

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Try at Making Roses for Cupcakes!

I've wanted to try this for sometime now. I looove cupcakes who
doesn't, right? But I've been afraid avoiding making roses,
(even though I have lots of my sweet 
Grandma Stella's fool proof Wilton tips)...


I finally got up the courage and tried some, I have a lot to learn
and need  much more practice for sure, but I took
them to work and the girls loooved them and my MacGiver
thought they were the BOMB, cutsie flowers and all!
I found the adorable cake plate while I was on Spring break,
at one of my fave thrift stores,
I looove the way the cupcakes look on it!
I'm sure I'll be practicing a lot more, I'm having
Bunco here next month and of course my theme
will be May Flowers!
I had so much fun I can hardly wait to
practice some more!

~so sweet~

~I was having so much fun~

~yep, those leaves need lots more practice~

~my MacGiver loooves when I say I need more practice~

~pink roses and white tulips~

~I looove my new cake plate and thrift store tablecloth~

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Fabulous Booth at Skagit Fairgrounds Sat. & Sun.!

We had a choice of going to Monroe Fairgrounds for an
antique and gun sale( my MacGiver loves those), or
going the opposite direction and going to an antique
sale north of us at the Skagit Fairgrounds...hmmm,
which way should we go?

We opted to head North,
leaving a bit late and ended up in terrible traffic
with everyone else heading to see the tulip fields in bloom!
(You'll remember I did that the week before last, while
I was on Spring break.)

Finally we got there and in all fairness, I should mention,
the weather was beautiful and perfect for a country drive.
Actually it was even warm,( if you weren't in the shade)!
My MacGiver
saw an ice-cream wagon and veared off towards it
...and I'm not eva going to head the other way when
ice-cream's being offered! No, NO, No...
needless to say we found their ice-cream AWESOME,
the couple makes it themselves.
You can find it around this area even at the Snowgoose Roadside
Vegetable & Flower Stand. It's such a fun place to visit, take the Conway
exit and follow the road, it's just before you get on Fir Island
heading towards LaConner...a wonderful stop on your country drive!

Anyhoo, back to the sale...

I found the sale to be mostly a fleamarket (which my MacGiver
liked even better), and then I found one really fabulous booth.
I asked her if she had a card and she didn't, I felt like I'd met
her before and asked her if she had a blog and guess what?
She does...
I asked her the name of it (and I missed the first part),
but did hear Lulu and I was positive that is how I knew her!
She was excited that I read it!
I told her the name of mine, (which she thought was cute,
especially when she found out that it's my last name)...
I told her my first name and guess what, it's hers too...
how funny is that? She said we'd have to get together,
Sadly we didn't exchange email addy's or
phone #'s...I know, how bad was that? When I got
home I looked her up and OH NOOO....the blog I
believed to be hers isn't!!! :( 


If you know an antique dealer by the name of Debbie
that lives in Bellingham, that has a blog (with Lulu as
part of the blog name), please let me know or let her
know I'm trying to locate her....


Here's a peek at her booth, it may help you recognize
her stuff/style or maybe you saw her at the Fairgrounds and
got her info, if so, please let me know!

loove this gate

wish I had a humongus work area to hang this
jewelry sign up in!

very cool shelf unit

fabulous old locker bins

loooved this tool chest and the fabulous number
thingy to it's left!

more great stuff!

I hadn't even noticed my MacGiver checking out
the  price until now...

I saved the best for last, check out this
beautiful window...
I looove it, we came home to see if we
had the right spot for it and in this little
house, unless I take down a cupboard, it
just won't fit and that's a crying shame...:(

Deb, I loooved your booth it was the best
for sure, I hope you see this post and
contact me, I want to take you up on
your offer to come see ALL YOUR STUFF!!!

xoxox Debbie~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Le Poulet' Stepping Out in WHITE!

My chandelier is up and sooo beautiful, I couldn't be happier
with it...then you ask, why aren't I showing it then?
dining room
it's got some unfinished business...
I have a HUGE problem, a very unsightly problem...

Years ago, maybe 20 or so, I just had to have shelves
up in my dining room...I know what you're thinking,
of course, we ALL looove shelves to display our treasures!
But I didn't just settle for any ole self,
ohhh no,
 I wanted cute little country shelves surrounding my 'Oh so Little dining room'.
I thought it would be a piece of cake taking them down and
maybe I'd even like them up in my itsy little craft room, to help
out with my cramped enviroment...but my MacGiver explains
(being the painter in the family) that because the shelves have
been painted around at least twice and possibly three times,
they'd leave an unsightly ring around the tub...I mean room, sooo
you see my dilemma, he says the room would have to be sanded and
re-textured, so he tells me the shelves are now part of the room...
I've decided if that's so, then they of course have to be white and I'll
just load them up with something I looove!

Like I said, he's the painter (that's what he does for a living),
and he's up to his eyeballs in work(I'm not complaining), but,
he can't take the time right now to paint them and truthfully he
will do a much better job than I would, so I'm resigned
to either getting my nerve up to show you my
beautiful chandelier, that would also show my unsightly
80's country shelves...or wait until he can make them
a bit more tolerable for me!

So in the mean time, as you know by now, I looove going
to thrift stores and I usually go at least once a week
or twice if I feel the need, so I'm able to find some pretty
cool pieces once in awhile.  I've decided to share
a fun little couple that I found a few months ago, but
just painted this last week, I'm pretty happy with
how they fit in, maybe someday you'll even see
them on my dining room table!

'Le Poulet'
the rooster

The sweet couple...

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Sunday, April 4, 2010


My friend Marian and I went to the tulip fields this last week.
They're beautiful when they're in full bloom, however,
the tulips have been late this Spring because of the weather!
But luckily we had a beautiful day to go poke around
the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley AND we found

There were still lots of tulips that hadn't opened
their beauty to the world yet,
but it didn't  really matter to us,
the fields that were blooming,

Love these...

rows and rows of  glorious color~

oh the pinks~

truly gorgeous~

...and yes, we took some home to enjoy!

another field of beauty~

Oh how I'd love to live in this valley and
wake up to these beautiful

so pretty~

powder room pretties~

~Pretty in Pink~

We also visited some fun shops in LaConner,
did some antiquing in Conway and thrifting in
Mt. Vernon, what a fun day we had!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Always, Debbie~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Trip to My Local Thrift Store and What Do I Find?!

Remember a couple of weeks ago I said, I found something
at the thrift store I'd share with you later...well this is it!
I wasn't even looking for new dishes, well okay I was, but
I was shopping for plain white, (they don't even have to
match), but what should I spot??? But the most beautiful vintage
China dishes with the sweetest little flower boarders with white
centers and a large rim of the prettiest pale yellow I've ever
seen...but again, (reminding myself), even though
they were truly gorgeous, I was ONLY looking for
plain white dishes for everday. 

and then...

just around the corner,
I saw a beautiful platter, 
and a bowl,
another platter ...

YOU Guessed it,

they matched the dinner plates I'd just seen...

telling myself, I don't really need these...
Really I don't,



I went back and loaded up the dinner plates and started
looking through the smaller plates and bowls and sure
enough, there was the whole set, everything but cups
and saucers...before I knew it I had a shopping cart
full of a beautiful  'Sampy' China set (stamped made in Japan).

~such a sweet pattern~

large bowls and small fruit bowls (or cups)

dessert plates and a gorgeous platter

small platter, sugar bowl and creamer


...and the next day,

my friend Pattie found four
cups & saucers and the bread plates
whilst browsing through 'OUR FAVORITE'
thrift store! Needless to say, she sped
drove over to my school to let me
know I should go back to the thrift
store after work to check out the dishes
that they'd just put out, that went with my set!
And the best part of this thrifting story is...
 I took all the dishes up to the teller and had
them hold them while I drove home to
pick up the two boxes of items I had
ready for the thrift store (and had forgotten to
load up), I traded them for a 20% discount
that I was able to use on my NEW dishes!!! YAY!

I just love them, but now I'm thinking I need would love a new
china hutch with a glass door and maybe a light
to show off my new set of dishes!
 It doesn't hurt to DREAM!

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