Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Fabulous Booth at Skagit Fairgrounds Sat. & Sun.!

We had a choice of going to Monroe Fairgrounds for an
antique and gun sale( my MacGiver loves those), or
going the opposite direction and going to an antique
sale north of us at the Skagit Fairgrounds...hmmm,
which way should we go?

We opted to head North,
leaving a bit late and ended up in terrible traffic
with everyone else heading to see the tulip fields in bloom!
(You'll remember I did that the week before last, while
I was on Spring break.)

Finally we got there and in all fairness, I should mention,
the weather was beautiful and perfect for a country drive.
Actually it was even warm,( if you weren't in the shade)!
My MacGiver
saw an ice-cream wagon and veared off towards it
...and I'm not eva going to head the other way when
ice-cream's being offered! No, NO, No...
needless to say we found their ice-cream AWESOME,
the couple makes it themselves.
You can find it around this area even at the Snowgoose Roadside
Vegetable & Flower Stand. It's such a fun place to visit, take the Conway
exit and follow the road, it's just before you get on Fir Island
heading towards LaConner...a wonderful stop on your country drive!

Anyhoo, back to the sale...

I found the sale to be mostly a fleamarket (which my MacGiver
liked even better), and then I found one really fabulous booth.
I asked her if she had a card and she didn't, I felt like I'd met
her before and asked her if she had a blog and guess what?
She does...
I asked her the name of it (and I missed the first part),
but did hear Lulu and I was positive that is how I knew her!
She was excited that I read it!
I told her the name of mine, (which she thought was cute,
especially when she found out that it's my last name)...
I told her my first name and guess what, it's hers too...
how funny is that? She said we'd have to get together,
Sadly we didn't exchange email addy's or
phone #'s...I know, how bad was that? When I got
home I looked her up and OH NOOO....the blog I
believed to be hers isn't!!! :( 


If you know an antique dealer by the name of Debbie
that lives in Bellingham, that has a blog (with Lulu as
part of the blog name), please let me know or let her
know I'm trying to locate her....


Here's a peek at her booth, it may help you recognize
her stuff/style or maybe you saw her at the Fairgrounds and
got her info, if so, please let me know!

loove this gate

wish I had a humongus work area to hang this
jewelry sign up in!

very cool shelf unit

fabulous old locker bins

loooved this tool chest and the fabulous number
thingy to it's left!

more great stuff!

I hadn't even noticed my MacGiver checking out
the  price until now...

I saved the best for last, check out this
beautiful window...
I looove it, we came home to see if we
had the right spot for it and in this little
house, unless I take down a cupboard, it
just won't fit and that's a crying shame...:(

Deb, I loooved your booth it was the best
for sure, I hope you see this post and
contact me, I want to take you up on
your offer to come see ALL YOUR STUFF!!!

xoxox Debbie~


Sheila said...

Hi Debbie, could the lady your talking about be Lulu Kellog.. I have another lulu on my blog as well, i just can't find her right now. But if i do i will give you her blog as well. Sheila

pam q said...

Ok, I'm with ya! You have got to find that other Deb again!

Wow! Did she ever have some cool stuff!!!

I want that huge Jewelry sign....

Debbie~ said...

Hi Sheila,

Her name is also Debbie, and I know Lulu is the second word in her blog title, (I missed the first word). This really has taught me a lesson on getting important imformation!

You are so right Pam, she has AWESOME stuff for sure! I sure hope we cross paths again...(soon)!

Loooved that jewelry sign too!:)

xo Deb~

Justine said...

I have a feeling you would find my Italian/Sicilian Vintage post from yesterday very interesting. I am loving all of your photos